How To Change Your Run Technique (And The Best Time To Do So)

How To Change Your Run Technique (And The Best Time To Do So)

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If you're looking to change your run technique, this is THE video for you. Coach Nate first dives into the common misconceptions many runners have around run technique, and the mistakes they make when trying to change, i.e. focusing on our feet too much and/or changing things too fast and out of order. Coach Nate then shares 3 powerful run drills that you can start doing today that will set you up for long-term success and improvement. Those drills include: 04:00 - heel-toe rocking to understand shifting your weight to create movement 05:20 - pulling to understand how to pick our feet up off the ground to for a quicker softer footfall, higher cadence, and more efficient running 06:25 - hopping to understand our natural elasticity and "springiness" we get when we use our feet, achilles, and calves properly. "Now" is always a good time to make changes and improvements, but remember that your body A) likes gradual sustained changes best over sudden rapid ones and B) doesn't like big changes in the middle of major training cycles - say 4-6 weeks away from your next marathon. Remember if you're looking for more help, you can sign up for a 7 day Free Trial for the Training Club - and get access to all or our run programs that include run drill progressions in addition to strength, injury prevention, and coaching support. Link to Strike Intervals: TRY our Training Club for FREE - Complete training programs with daily videos and coaching support! Then, download our FREE mobile app with all our training content! Instagram: Facebook:


5 parameters to be aware of for your best (and most efficient) distance running form! SUBSCRIBE:

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