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Yo minor editing errors are present, too lazy to fix. Download: Subscribe: - Giant Chain (Torsions Vehicle-to-Vehicle Couplers)

Download: Subscribe: - HighDef's Stunt Show Academy

Crushing cars with a monster truck, plowing through a pile of cars using a rocket power bus, crashing into a bunch of buses stacked like dominoes, stunt jumps.

Playing Around in Bugbear Next Car Game 2.0

You can get this game from here. Subscribe - Demolition Derby - The Fair Grounds

A mod that has been around forever and it's really a surprise I've never made a video for it considering it basically consists of non stop crashing. Also as a n

OmniBus - Bus Driving CAN Be Fun!

It's by no means a bus driving simulator, but it's a lot more fun than simulators are. Download: Subscribe: http://w

Cannon Shooting At Planes -

Video was recorded over 4 separate days so it's kind of weird in some places... Still a decent video, just some spots are weird. Download: - Ghost's Parkade

Driving around and crashing in a garage. That's all this video is. Download: Subscribe: http://www.youtu

Garbage Day - The Day That Never Ends

Seriously though I had to take the trash out yesterday. Download: Subscribe: - Burnside Special JATO

Rocket powered car means crashes at over 200 MPH, and also it's probably PRETTY fast. Download: S

Which Automation Car Can Fly The Furthest on Car Jump Arena? CRAZY SPEED! - BeamNG Drive

Which Automation Car Can Fly The Furthest on Car Jump Arena? CRAZY SPEED! - BeamNG Drive Davidinark -

Criminals Stealing Things, Catch Them All! -

How do you catch criminals? You use pit maneuvers to make them crash all over the place and put handcuffs on the wreckage. Download: - Special Stage Route B

Long road is long Download: Subscribe:


The funny thing is, I'm still not sure which is better. I can say it's pretty close between the two! One thing I didn't test is if they crash different though.

BeamNG.drivE - FR16

I always want to say Formula One even though in game it's called Formula R. Bad habits don't die. Also editing 'mistakes' are present, but the raw footage had s - DH Hyper Bolide

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a bolide!!! O wait, it just crashed. Download: Subscribe: - Subway

Download: Subscribe: - Molten

Somebody played my mixtape on this level. Download: Subscribe: - Car Transport Addon

Transport cars to their doom in a much easier fashion. Also it's been a long time since I've done a 7 vehicle or more crash like this vid. Download: https://ww - Senseless Destruction

Download: Subscribe:

Crash Wheels - Physics of Damage!

Still sick-ish, will be better soon I hope =\ Also game is in early access (since I didn't mention it til late in the video). Download: http://store.steampower
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