Networking - Webmin Configuration Basics

Networking - Webmin Configuration Basics

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Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration for Unix. Using any browser that supports tables and forms (and Java for the File Manager module), you can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing and so on. This additional tool install in our LAMP server will provide a GUI to administer the server from our linux, Mac, or Windows desktop computer. We wil be using the virtualbox file server we created in the previous episode to demonstrate how to secure our file server using webmin. Ref:

Webmin- Configuring Apache Web Server

This video covers how to edit the configuration file within Apache, how to add virtual hosts to Apache, and how to add users to the Linux server.

Webmin Install, Setup, & Tutorial and a brief comparison to Cockpit at the end

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How to setup DNS using Webmin

This is how to setup DNS using Webmin. Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration for Unix. Webmin is the best if you don't like using terminal t

Virtualmin+Webmin virtual host and DNS Binding and FTP account with free domain !!

in this video I will be setting a free domain name a virtual host DNS (address records, ns records) and FTP account in a vps running Virtualmin / Webmin

Virtualmin Introduction

A short intro to Virtualmin, giving a brief overview of the system information dashboard, showing how to create a new website account, and how to install a Word

Understand the Basic Cluster Concepts | Cluster Tutorials for Beginners

This video explains you about "What is Cluster? Why do we need Cluster? what are the types of Clusters? and Understand the Basic Cluster Concepts for Beginners"

Webmin 1.84 with an AWESOME theme!

Check out the new webmin and the new theme! This thing is blowing me away! The install works the same on Ubuntu 16 as it does on Ubuntu

Users, Groups and Permissions in Linux

Note: We Demonstrate Linux using Ubuntu Server 10.04 Info Level: Intermediate Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: September, 16 2010 Length of Class

How to Configure Bind9 DNS Server in Webmin

Part 2 of the Creating a Linux Router video using Ubuntu Server 14.04 with DHCP Server, static addressing, iptables firewall and Webmin GUI. This video shows y

Linux Webmin

This TASK is a continuation from the last as it requires a number of pre-installed apps such as nfs-common and rcpbind on the Linux Server and Client. It also r

How To Install Webmin on Ubuntu

How to install Webmin on Ubuntu server 14.04. Instructions: C

Basic BIND DNS Config With Webmin

First, Thank you to each and every one of my subscribers! I never thought I would see 1 (you are probably tired me of saying that...) but here we are at over

Use Webmin to Set-Up phpMyAdmin for MySQL (fixed, but depreciated see notes or comments)

Details about this video at DO NOT INSTALL phpMyAdmin HOW I DID,

How to Install and Configure Webmin

Install Webmin Configure webmin Install and Configure Webmin How to Install and Configure Webmin

Manage bacula backup from webmin console

This video shows you how to configure and perform a bacula backup using the webmin console

How to install and configure Bind DNS on Webmin

This video covers the method to install and configure BIND DNS on Webmin. Webmin is a Control panel application similar to CPanel which is available for open so

Use Webmin to set-up Apache Webserver and Host Sites on Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS

Details about this video at Go to https

LAMP Server, Webmin, PHPmyadmin & Wordpress Installation.

Here is a how to on setting up/installing a LAMP (Linux Apache, Mysql, PHP) server. Some of the commands you will need wget http://prdownloads.sourceforge.n

How to Add Domain Name and DNS Setup using Webmin Control Panel [Centos 6.x & 7.x]

How to Add Domain Name and DNS Setup using Webmin Control Panel [Centos 6.x & 7.x] So fügen Sie Domain Name und DNS Setup mit Webmin Control Panel hinzu [Cen

Instalar Webmin Ubuntu 16.04

¿Qué es Webmin? Webmin es una herramienta de configuración de sistemas accesible vía web para sistemas Unix, como GNU/Linux y OpenSolaris. Con él se puede
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