Vega Conflict - VERY Low Tech Hive Farming

Vega Conflict - VERY Low Tech Hive Farming

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Try to not fly into range of that short range weapon, it deals a LOT of damage. ------------------------------------------------------------- Used music is provided by NCS. Vexento - Masked Raver (NCS Release) -------------------------------------------------------------


Vega Conflict : altairians mothership 120

This is my strategy, good luck and have fun guys :) !

The easiest way to progress in Alien Strike [Still Worked] | VEGA Conflict

Notes: I was wrong the when I edit the video. The aurora ray can only be obtainable in Planet Strike (thanks to MecherX) and tell me in the comment section did

VEGA Conflict - The Secret Of Manifold Missile - Why is it so good?

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Vega Conflict: Mannis 53 Artillery Talon-Frigate Strategy: 14k Loot

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[UMBRA INFECTOR] Farming Strategies

Sorry for the late video... but here it is. Note: This video was taken on the Preview server after the update that gave the Phoenix Frigate +20% Altairian Dama

Vega Conflict : Rush Strategy Ancient Fortress (100)

Good luck guys with this strategy :)

Vega Conflict - Planet Strike Low Level 42K Intel Free Instant

Hey guys, if you want more videos with tactics like that, post it into comments. I will maybe create a video how to farm ALL planetary fleets. ----------------

Vega Conflict : Xeno Shatter driver Strong and weak points

Enjoy it ! Music from Amine Nightcore :

VEGA Conflict: Alien Decimation

Alien Decimation begins 12/15 at 3:00pm PST.


Well, this video is about how to kill alien reaper 60s efficiently in Vega Conflict, what else can I tell you?

How to farm Strike AXIS with only Dominion and Paladin Carriers | VEGA Conflict

All gameplay are 100% legit no bots used Gameplay: ToxicBait (Clickbaitofnoob) Record and Edited: ToxicBait (Clickbaitofnoob) Collaborators: N/A Music used in

【VEGA Conflict】How Blitz Drive work? and Half auto DC platoon 50/53

【Infomation】 Blitz Drive toooooooo short jump bonus...... lol :Blitz Drive work: 1.penetration bonus activate after jumping 2.deactivate bonus after battle

Vega Conflict - FFF & H5 Raid on Sic

[Reupload of the original video] A fun raid we had yesterday (29/12/2017). Sic dropped down a few ranks on the leaderboards 😈 Thanks to all participants Sorr

VEGA Conflict Starter Guide #2 Cargo 20-23 Auto Fleet Tutorial - NEW

Welcome to this Full Starter Guide for VEGA Conflict by Manni. -Important Additional Information: None Yet. Thanks for Checking! -The Full Starter Guide & Tutor

VEGA Conflict: Betrayal

Get ready, Rebels! Betrayal begins at 3PM PDT on November 2nd.

Battle Pirates: Utopia A better way to do a 107 for free.

Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at My Cannoneer Fleet:

Vega Conflict : Test Seeker Missile III

Test Seeker Missile III Configuration Ship : What do you think guys ? Enjoy :)
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