Kya Aapko SEXY Dikhna Hai? Ultimate HINDI Fashion Guide for Matching Clothes & Colours | BeerBiceps

Kya Aapko SEXY Dikhna Hai? Ultimate HINDI Fashion Guide for Matching Clothes & Colours | BeerBiceps

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INSTAGRAM : @beerbiceps ( TWITTER : @beerbicepsguy ( ) Namaste Dosto! Aaj main baat karunga bahot hi vishesh topic ke upar- How to dress well for Indian men by learning how to match your clothes. Agar aap yeh tips follow karenge toh 2 saal ke andar-andar aapkaa ek poora wardrobe complete ho jayga. Basically, Main aapko kuch fashion tips aur dressing tips dunga jo aap samajhke follow karenge toh aap bahaar jayenge toh log samjehnge ke aapko men’s fashion ke baare mein samajh hai. Main aapko bataunga ke aap apne budget ke hisaab se kaise apna wardrobe dheere dheere badha sakte ho. Kuch aise kapde hain jo aapke paas zaroor hone chahiye, who aap pehle apne wardrobe mein add kar do. Uske baad main baat karta hu colour combinations ke baare mein jo aap follow karke apni collection badhaa sakte hain. Aapko room ka sabse ‘Sexiest’ banda dikhna hai toh yeh video end tak zaroor dekhiye. Aaj ki speciality hai - Sexy dikhna - How to match your colours and how to match your clothes. Indian fashion guide ready for you all! These fashion tips will be the biggest blessing for you if you have wanted to know how to match the colours of your clothing. The second video in the Indian men's fashion tips series i've started - How to match your outfit and how to match colour to be the SEXIEST man in the room. Damn have I become one of those Indian Fashion Bloggers? I think so. The science of how to dress well for men boils down to the vision you create for the viewer. Male fashion 101 - how to match the colour of your pants to your tshirt or shirt. Will also talk about the color combinations for your shoes and accessories. Secret to dressing sexy - Matching COLOR! Booyakasha! Hit like if you enjoy the video. Match clothes for men 101 Enjoy! Indian men's Fashion tips aur dressing me aapko guide karne aaye hai aapke apne- Ranveer Allahbadia

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