The sounds of Unturned 2 (Unturned 4.0 car demo Gameplay)

The sounds of Unturned 2 (Unturned 4.0 car demo Gameplay)

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After Nelson gave me access to the closed vehicle demo of Unturned 4.0 / Unturned 2 i was stunned by how smooth everything felt. Looks like driving a car will finaly feel as it should. The only downside is propably the... "unique" sound design. ;) Nothing to worry about tough. Thanks a lot for the great work Nelson! Stay connected Twitter: Discord: Unturned Server IP: Other links Unturned: Music All music is provided by (c) Legal info Music which is not provided by epidemicsound, pictures or any video which is not recorded by SWISS PATRIOT directly is non copyrighted material licensed under the "creative commons" agreement or used under customary law. If you are the owner of any content in the video and you do not agree with it's use, please contact me directly.

How basebuilding could ruin Unturned 4.0

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The Problem With Unturned

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Unturned 4.0: Broken physics & how keys could change the game

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Unturned 4.0 BETA! New Vehicles, Multiplayer, Character Animations & Weather!

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Unturned Germany trailer music (extended version) - "PRETTY KILLER" ~ Lincoln Grounds

This song was used as the background music for the (Germany) update trailer, back in June 2017. I do not own this song, credits and usage rights go to

HARDER ZOMBIES!!! (Things we want to see in Unturned 4.0)

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Virus (Unturned Short Film)

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★ GIVEAWAY ACTIVE NOW: Today's video covers the explosive bubble gum that was added

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UNTURNED LIFE IN UNTURNED II?! (Unturned 4.0 Vehicle Demo)

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