Derrick Crane Foundation Base Plate | Installation

Derrick Crane Foundation Base Plate | Installation

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Derrick crane foundation base plate installation first step. A derrick is a lifting device composed at minimum of one guyed mast, as in a gin pole, which may be articulated over a load by adjusting its guys. Most derricks have at least two components, either a guyed mast or self-supporting tower, and a boom hinged at its base to provide articulation, as in a stiffleg derrick. The most basic type of derrick is controlled by three or four lines connected to the top of the mast, which allow it both to move laterally and cant up and down. To lift a load, a separate line runs up and over the mast with a hook on its free end, as with a crane.[1][2] Forms of derricks are commonly found aboard ships and at docking facilities. Some large derricks are mounted on dedicated vessels, and known as floating derricks[3] and sheerlegs. The term derrick is also applied to the framework supporting a drilling apparatus in an oil rig.[4] The derrick derives its name from a type of gallows named after Thomas Derrick, an Elizabethan era English executioner.[5] Suscribe this channel for more videos. Like | Comment and Share Thank you #bmdiscoverymines #derrickcrane #installation

JNBC-2200 Bridge Stone Block Cutter

For more information, please contact me via Mobile/Wechat/WhatsApp +86 13950103047 or

Tower crane #3 rises: Time-lapse compilation of assembly from start to finish

Chronicling the rise and assembly of Tower Crane #3 through a collection of time-lapses of varying speeds (both wide shots and closeups) from Weeks 108, 110, an

Liebherr - LR 1500 crawler crane

At the costumer days in June 2015 our new LR 1500 celebrate world premiere. This year at BAUMA we handed over the first machines to costumers. Today we want to

Derrick Crane Platform | Dashboard Installation

Derrick crane platform/dashboard installation second step. Derrick crane is an indispensable equipment not only for mining of materials, but also in industri

Dismantling the World's Largest Tower Crane

Disassembly of the Kroll-10000 crane.

mini crane 500 kg

Wiskehrs Mini Crane is used to lift concrete, cement, sand, bricks, tiles, steel rods and other building material. It is widely used in high rise buildings, wat

PC200 Undercarriage Replacement

After about 7800 hrs, my undercarriage is getting tired. Rails are worn through to the pins, a couple rollers are seized, and everything else is close enough t

DIY Boom Crane

In this video I'm building a boom crane to lift two of my Stealth VAWTs two stories up to my roof. If you'd like to see this rascal in action, please check out


Access Engineering PLC, a name synonymous with quality, has established an unshakable reputation as a leading general contractor in local construction industry.

40 ton Overhead Crane Fast motion Installation & Test

A High Speed video showing the installation and load testing of a 40 ton Overhead Top running crane for an Ohio Manufacturer by Hoosier Crane Service Company of

Granite Block carrying & loading by Derrick crane

Granite Block carrying and loading by darrick crane | loading in trailer | best capicity | derrick crane use in mines. subscribe | like | comment | share BM

Derrick Crane JASO J1540.DC Load Test at South Annex Exchange 106, Kuala Lumpur

Load test for JASO J1540.DC Derrick Crane 22/11/2018

A day in the life of a tower crane operator (a snippet)

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RTC-02 Stiff Leg Derrick Modular Crane

GTC Engineering Modular Crane designed to be built in-situ. Melbourne Australia

Homemade mini balcony crane / Mini dźwig balkonowy

Homemade balcony crane / Dźwig balkonowy / Балконный кран "March of the Spoons" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons:

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Media City had 15 tower cranes in action at the height of it's construction... and we were asked to film the erection process of TC10..... more to this than mee

DIY Jib Crane Part 2 of 2

Lots of fun in this one, we finish the prep and get everything welded and then assemble the DIY Light duty Jib Crane

Derrick booms down

Photos: The Derrick boom was disassembled by smaller boom and at last the smallest boom.

European type gantry crane from Dafang

Dafang European Design Gantry Crane used in Europe FEM advanced design and manufacturing standards. Nominal weight of 3t ~ 320t. Compared with ordinary MG, its

PHC Pile Production & Pile Driving in Bismayah New City

Hanwha E&C started production of PHC (Pre-stressed High-strength Concrete) pile inside of Bismayah Plant Complex. This is the first PHC pile production in the M
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