The dramatic side of Harry Styles

The dramatic side of Harry Styles

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This video proves that this guy is a drama king in his very own way. You really seem to like the naughty side of him so I thought I should expose his drama queen side too lol. I really hope you like it, btw I'm Harry's fan myself and this video is just for fun. Hope you're having a lovely day, love you. xx My Twitter My Blog All copyrights belong to their respective owners


10 times Harry was relatable

Hellooo, these are 10 times Harry proved he is just like us lol. Let me know in the comments if during any of these clips you were like "meeee." I'm so excited


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Harry "Competitive" Styles

Hiii, this is a compilation of Harry participating in different games, quizes and challenges and proving that he's a competitive fella. I know that I said it's

Flinch w/ Harry Styles & Aaron Taylor-Johnson

James invites Harry Styles and Aaron Taylor-Johnson to play a game of Flinch -- with a British twist. Each man must maintain a stiff upper lip while enjoying a


((I know it may suck at the beginning but watch it 'till the end because I honestly think that that is the best part)). ••CLICK ON 'SHOW MORE' IF YO

15 times One Direction was a mess during interviews

Almost peeing themselves laughing, talking nonsense, acting like their usual goofy selves, using mics as hitting tools and making a mess, you'll see that and mo

Harry Styles desperately trying to be pregnant for 11 minutes

Hiii, I can’t believe I haven’t made this compilation yet, so here it is – all the times Harry noticed a pregnant lady in the crowd, asked about the baby

James Questions Harry Styles About His Mystery Tattoo

After James shows One Direction some of the one-of-a-kind fan art made for them, James presses Harry Styles to show his mysterious thigh tattoo. "Subscribe To

The Real Harry Styles VS The Media's "Harry Styles"

I made this because I honestly don't understand how people can still say he's a bad person and/or a "womanizer". Not to mention how many times he's publicly adm


More absolutely perfect Harry Styles moments 💚 A few One Direction moments too, cuz: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I obviously don't own any rights to the videos etc


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Harry Styles — "What Did We Win?" [Humor]

Since I made a Louis Tomlinson humor video, I decided to do one for Harry. I don't pick favorites (Louis' my favorite, hehe) but Harry's humor video is longer s

harry styles being himself (funny moments)

some of my favourite harry moments, many of which go unappreciated in my OPINION i do not own the music in this: right as rain by adele, drag me down by one dir

Harry Styles - Funny, goofy and hot moments |Part 14|

Reupload Like I promised I'm gonna upload most of the old parts on this channel since my last channel |swifstyles| got deleted. It would be really helpful if yo

10 times Harry dodged interviewer's question

Some of you are saying that the audio of this video is not working for you. I'm really sorry but YT must have messed it up because I managed to upload the video

The narcissistic side of Harry Styles

I'm a fan of Harry and this video is made just for fun so keep that in mind while watching. Anyway…part two of the tour compilations is coming later this week

10 times One Direction got scared

Hiiii, I decided to give you a little treat and make a special video of all the times the boys got scared. Hope you like it and happy Halloween! xxx My Twitter

My Favorite 2017 Harry Styles Moments

The original was 26 minutes but my phone didn’t have enough storage for that. You’re welcome?

11 times Harry Styles made FRIENDS reference

Hiiii, guys. This video shows that Harry is a really big fan of a TV show Friends, which is relatable and one of the many reasons I love him. I'm back to postin
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