NAT - SNAT, DNAT, PAT & Port Forwarding

NAT - SNAT, DNAT, PAT & Port Forwarding

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In this video, I will talk about how classic private TCP/IP network was set up for the first two decades of the Internet. Why it did not work? What is network address translation, or NAT? Why do we need it? For most parts, I will talk about four different types of NAT: Static NAT, Dynamic NAT, PAT, and Port Forwarding. I will discuss each in detail. Playlist link: IPv4 Basics: This is my education channel. My topics cover networking, security, programming, data structure, algorithm, programming and other computer-related materials. Please subscribe my channel. Please leave comments or questions. Many thanks, Sunny Classroom

Secret of subnet mask

!!! Correction note: from 5:09 to 8:09, Computer A's IP address' fourth octet in binary should be "00000010". Sorry about the confusion. ---------------- E

NAT Explained | Overload, Dynamic & Static

What is NAT? Network Address Translation (NAT) is used to convert private IP addresses to public IP addresses and vise versa. The feature was introduced to pr

How DHCP works?

I will introduce DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. I will talk about what happens without this DHCP technology. How does it work step by step. What ty

Fonctionnement du NAT

Démystification du NAT (Network Address Translation)

5G cellular networks: 6 new technologies

5G cellular or mobile technologies are the focus of this video. It includes a brief history of the four generations of cellular technologies. Then I will talk

Subnetting a subnet --sunny way

Subnetting is simple (Class C) Class B ID - Subnetting

Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz band vs. 5 GHz band

Today my topic is difference between 2.4GHz band and 5GHz band. My topics are organized by playlists:

NAT - Network Address Translation

Vídeo-aula sobre NAT, tradução de endereços IP para uma rede local acessar a Internet.

OSI Model Explained | OSI Animation | Open System Interconnection Model | OSI 7 layers | TechTerms

Learn computer network layers or OSI layers in a computer network, OSI Model, OSI reference model or open system interconnection model or networking model inclu

DSSS - Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum

In 802.11 standards, three different modulation/transmission methods are used to transmit wireless signals: 1) Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum, or FHSS; 2)

Port Forwarding Explained

This is an animated port forwarding tutorial. It explains how to port forward and it also explains what are network ports.

Top 10 Linux Job Interview Questions

Can you answer the 10 most popular Linux tech job interview questions? 0:00 Introduction 0:53 Tech Phone screens 1:50 How to check the kernel version of a Linux

Kerberos - authentication protocol

At 4:30: A mistake: step 3: When the file server gets the token, it "decrypts" (not "encrypts") the token with the secret key shared with TGS. In Greek mytho

Firewalls and NATs - NAT

OSI Model

Keep in mind that OSI model is not laws of physics. It is only a guideline. While many protocols fit neatly into one of the seven layers, others do not. But OSI

Introduction to NAT and PAT - Why we need NAT/PAT and the difference between static and dynamic NAT.

subnetting is simple

Class B ID - Subnetting A subnet is a logical subdivision of an IP network. The process of dividing a netwo

What is a DMZ? (Demilitarized Zone)

A DMZ, or demilitarized zone, is used to help improve the security of an organization’s network by segregating devices, such as computers and servers, on the

SSL/TLS handshake Protocol

What protocol is used between a web server and its clients to establish trust? How do they negotiate and share the secret key? During the handshake process, how

Network Address Translation

Video lecture covering NAT, including SNAT, DNAT, IP Masquerading, and related issues.
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