Surface Controller Float - Nash Bolt Machines

Surface Controller Float - Nash Bolt Machines

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The classic design Nash Bolt Machines are back, there's a size for every situation, whether it be underarm flicks or casting to the horizon plus their self hooking properties result is epic takes yet tangles are almost inexistent. Follow us on Instagram: Like us on Facebook: Check out our Website: Hot news on our Twitter:


Surface Fishing Rig Tutorial (Korda Surface Controller)

Discover the simple method to setting up a simple surface fishing rig for carp fishing! In this video Tony Knight from Wetlines will go through the step by step

Alan Blair Carp Fishing at Redmire

Alan turns hid childhood dreams into a reality when he gets the chance to go carp fishing at the historic Redmire Pool. He even gets in on some epic floater act

How To Make Bubble Float Rig - DIY Surface Fishing Tips - Cách Làm Phao Câu Bề Mặt

Fishing experience How To Make Bubble Float Rig - Fishing Tips - Cách Làm Phao Câu Bề Mặt . Phao câu nổi, Thẻo câu nổi, Cách này dùng cho nh

Float Fishing for Tench, Busbridge Lake.

First proper Tench session of the year. I go float fishing on an estate lake in Surrey. Manage to catch 16 Tench, a few bream and perch and survive the most hec


Carp fishing with standard ledgering tactics can often be the best method to catch big carp, but when the weather is hot and the fish are on the surface it's ti


In this episode of Urban Banx Alan heads up to the city of Liverpool to to see what carp fishing is on offer. We hope you enjoy! Follow us on Instagram: http:

Carp Fishing in France - Carplifer x Subsurface Roadtrip

Samir has provided us again with another epic edit! This time he joins Subsurface editor Gaz Fareham on a monumental French Carp Fishing road trip! #BoyScoutBus

15 best carp baits - simple baits that catch carp - learn how to carp fish

15 carp baits that catch carp. Learn how to catch carp and learn more about carp fishing with these simple carp baits. For more information about carp bait chec

Carp Fishing at Cassien 30 Years on with Steve Briggs

It's been 30 years since Steve Briggs first fished Cassien and now he's back for another go at his favourite carp water - carp action, along with tips and tacti

The Adjustable Zig Rig - Part 1

How to tie the brilliant adjustable zig rig and avoid tangles; it's a setup that will catch you more carp.

Carp Fishing Video - Inside Nash Tackle - Tom's Viral Episode 2 - Nash Floater Packs - Nash H-Gun

It's episode 2 of Tom Forman's look behind the scenes at Nash! Join Tom on a number of missions, fish spotting on Nashy's Church Pool, filming at Tanyard Fisher

A.Just.A Bubble

A quick little tutorial on how to use an " A.JUST. A Bubble " bobber/float. These are great for fishing with flies or small lures. Great for trout fishing. You

Extreme Stalking For Carp

Stalking carp in gin clear water with a float. About ten fish were feeding on my spot and after spooking them for a couple of times I finally managed to hook up

NASH 2014 Carp Fishing DVD FULL MOVIE in 12 languages Kevin Nash Alan Blair

The Nash brand goes from strength to strength and for 2014 Kevin, Alan and the team are back bigger and better than ever with a mammoth DVD packed full of live

Surface Fishing With Something Different - The Top-Baiter!

The Top-Baiter - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter


Tom Forman talks us over the benefits of using a bolt machine when surface fishing and runs us through his go to surface fishing set up. Follow us on Instagram

Learn brilliant floater tips for big carp

Watch this film and catch more carp off the top. It's that simple...

Sea Fishing Rigs - The Sliding Sea Float Rig

Another really effective sea fishing rig that Graeme has used often os the sliding float rig. It can also be adapted to be used in freshwater fishing too. ►

Carp and Catfishing on the Ebro - THE MISSION 2

Nash Tackle's Oli Davies returns to the Ebro to fish with a good friend Ditch Ballard, the fishing is tough, but very rewarding and they finally manage to catch
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