Three Steps to Get Referred to the Selecting Official for Government Jobs using USAJOBS

Three Steps to Get Referred to the Selecting Official for Government Jobs using USAJOBS

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How to use to apply for Federal Government Jobs. How to write and format a Federal Resume to be considered best qualified. Tired of hours of work for online applications with no results? GovJobHQ instructional videos reveal secrets that government professionals use to be considered best qualified and land the job. 0:18 - Maximize Keywords from Duties on Announcement 1:27 - Most Frequent Keyword 2:27 - FASCLASS #GetaGovernmentJob #HowtouseUSAJOBS #Howtowriteafederalresume

Cracking the Code to Your Federal Job Search

Visit our Website: Phone: 703-509-8677 Email: For more webinars, visit www.employmentresultsacadem

7 Tips and Tricks for Federal Job Applications by Kathryn Troutman 2016

Kathryn Troutman's 30 min popular "7 Tips & Tricks for your Federal Application(tm)". This free webinar was taught for 3 years to more than 5,000 serious federa

CS Federal Resume USAJobs YouTube 480p

Watch this engaging presentation to learn about how to create an effective federal resume and for information on how to navigate the federal job search site: US

The 4 Sentence Cover Letter That Gets You The Job Interview

Join career expert and award-winning author Andrew LaCivita as he teaches you exactly how to write the 4 sentence cover letter that gets you the job interview!

TOP-11 JOBS IN THE USA 2017-2018

Ranking in the video is based on the number of job openings on the market and these jobs also pay really well - the minimum in this video is $85,000 a year. Loo

How to ace the behavioral interview and get hired today!

Job Interview Tips Behavioral Questions Peggy McKee (Snr recruiter - PHC Consulting - specializing in medical, labo

5 Tips For Veterans On How To Write A Federal Resume

Writing a federal resume can be very hard. Learn from the industries best federal consultant on federal resumes Dennis Eley. You will learn the following: - D

Pros and Cons of VA (Veterans Affairs) Nursing + How to Get Hired!

Hey loves! Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a nurse for the federal government?? Getting hired at the VA, Veterans Affairs, doesn't have to be ha

USAJOBS and Federal Resume Builder with K Troutman

Kathryn Troutman gives a tour of the USAJOBS Resume Builder and the best format for the builder. The Outline Format is preferred by Federal HR specialist. The l

Best Interview Answer to "Tell me about yourself" YouTube Top Pick

Watch Don show you exactly how to answer "Tell Me About Yourself." Tell me about yourself is one of the toughest interview questions. This is an open-ended que

Resume Writing for

We all know how difficult it is for military spouses to maintain and build a career. Many military spouses have found that working for the federal government is

How to Get Best Qualified with USAJOBS Federal Resumes

Kathryn Troutman, President, The Resume Place, Inc., explains HOW to target your federal resume toward a USAJOBS announcement to get Best Qualified. Reading the

What to do before, during and after a federal interview...

What to do before, during and after a federal interview...

8 Smart Questions To Ask Hiring Managers In A Job Interview

Free Tutorial: Want to know what smart interview questions you should ask hiring managers in a job interview? You're in the right place.

Beat the Federal Interview & "Get The Job"

Go to my webpage and use my "already translated" Resume Bullets.

How to Get a Government Job

Want to work for the state or federal government? Watch this video to learn about the steps you need to take in order to get there. Career Services Univers

4 Tips To Write An Effective Federal Resume

How To Get a Federal Government Job Q&A Vol 17 Ep 1

Ten Steps to a Federal Job - Tutorial Part 1 - 2/24/11

Kathyrn Troutman, President of The Resume Place, teaches a class at Fort Meade, MD how to land a federal job utilizing her expert federal job search skills. Le

How to Write a Perfect COVER LETTER in Six Steps (with Example)

Learn how to right a perfect cover letter with these tops tips that will increase your chances of reaching the interview stage considerably. Your cover letter

The Best Answer to "What's Your Expected Salary?"

Join career expert and award-winning author Andrew LaCivita for today's video on the best answer to "What's your expected salary?" Make sure to check get your F

Get a Government Job on USAJOBS using FASCLASS

Trying to break the code on how to apply for government jobs? Need to know how to make a Federal Resume? Tired of hours of work for online

Ten Steps to a Federal Job 2018 Overview

Ten Steps to a Federal Job 2018 based on the Jobseeker Guide 8th Ed., by Kathryn Troutman. Kathryn and Mike Kozlowski, Certified Federal Job Search trainer go

Getting Your First Government Job

With record numbers of baby boomers entering retirement new opportunities in government service are available for veterans leaving service or students graduatin

USAJOBS Résumé Writing Keywords

Go to my webpage and use my "already translated" Resume Bullets.

How to Get a Federal Job: Federal Resumes and KSAs

March 2, 2010, Presented by Maisha Thorpe (G'10), Certified Federal Career Counselor, The Sage Touch Coaching & Consulting

How to apply for Government jobs - Selection Criteria

Qld Governenmet video on how to make successful selection criteria's

USAJOBS Advance Search

How to Apply for Federal Jobs

This video will provide you with an overview of the Federal application process for positions in the competitive civil service using USAJOBS, the main Federal e

How Recruiters Read Your Resume ... in 7 Seconds!

The Initial Screen: 5 Quick Steps, 7 Seconds How do they make that critical "Yes" or "No" decision in that quick scan? Typically, here's how: 1. They scan su
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