Angry Birds vs Webkinz The Super Eggs!

Angry Birds vs Webkinz The Super Eggs!

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In our latest Angry Birds vs. Webkinz video since The Cloning Facility video we are now in another Epic battle for The Birds New Super Eggs which will make Super Birds! As usual, Nigel is up to his no good by stealing the Super Eggs and holding them all Hostage! Well Red Bird is not about to allow that at all! Keep Watching after the end of the Credits for our Epilogue for our next Birds vs. Webkinz video! We have fun making these videos for you without any real special effects. Our fun is Your fun! Thanks to everyone for watching all our Angry Birds Video's we now have over 1.2 million views! Subscribe and be the first to get all our upcoming videos into your home!

Angry Birds Epic Plush Adventures Episode 2: The Rescue

We apologize for Piglet's bad acting. He's not a good actor. He says he's really sorry.

Angry Birds Play-Doh Surprise Egg with Hot Wheels Track and Angry Birds K'Nex Build | KIDCITY

Today our unboxing is this amazing Angry Birds Play-Doh Surprise Egg with an Angry Birds Hot Wheels Track and Angry Birds K'Nex Lego Build & Unboxing! We'll sto


These are Angry Bird blind bags. Three different producers. Please rate this product: (plus 10 Images and thousands of mor

HUGE Angry Birds Vinyl Knockout Playset with Giant Jenga Block

HUGE Angry Birds Vinyl Knockout Playset Toys for kids with Red, Chuck and Leonard! Join Ryan and his family from Ryan ToysReview for the Angry Bird challenge kn

Angry Birds Go! Christmas Update Gameplay Android / iOS

MASTER THE TRACKS! Plenty of racetracks, stunt roads, air courses and off-road races – each throwing big and unexpected challenges your way! AWESOME SPECIAL P

Angry Birds vs Webkinz! Swords vs Guns!

In our 5th Fun Filled episode of Angry Birds VS. Webkinz, That Traitor Nigel is at it again! After losing Princess Webkinz and Ursula he has devised an evil pla

Custom Angry Birds Space Animation: The Uber Pig

After being defeated once again by the space birds, King Pig decides that the best way to level the playing field is to remove their powers. But in a failed att

ANGRY BIRDS in PIXELS !! ♫ 3D animated mashup parody ☺ FunVideoTV - Style ;-))

PIXELS starring ANGRY BIRDS fighting PACMAN , CENTIPEDE , TETRIS and more in a 3D animated parody. Want to see Pixels arcade games like Pacman, Space Invader

Angry Birds Piggy Portal

The pigs are back and this time they have a portal gun purchased from pigbay can the angry birds stop the evil pigs? ISRC: US-UAN-11-00091 Track:Royal banana h

Angry Birds Video Game Parody: Effed Up Fids

Angry Birds is a great game. I thought Effed Up Fids would be a fun run at a parody of it. "Fids" are what parrot owners refer to their birds as to other bird o

Angry Birds vs Webkinz, War on 2 Fronts, Part 3, The Final Battle!

Here is our third and Final Battle Video about the ongoing War between our Webkinz and Angry Birds, all in Star Wars Style! This is just a Fun Video to enjoy th

angry birds Stella plush join the cast

new angry birds

Angry Birds Space LASER LAUNCHER Toy - EPIC Red Laser Destruction!!!

Click here to see ALL my clay model videos: Click here to see ALL my Angry Birds videos: htt

Angry Birds VS. Webkinz War # 2 ! Weapons!

Just another Fun video in the Angry Birds and Webkinz World War, this one being # 2 ! The Webkinz have amassed a huge army only this time with weapons and ships

Angry Birds Toons: Piggy Finds The Helmet - Angry Birds Fan Made Animation

Angry Birds Fan Made Animation - Angry Birds Toon Angry Birds Toons: Piggy Finds The Helmet Check out our Website! ► Click Here To Sub

Annoying Orange Plays - Angry Birds 2 #1

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Angry Birds vs Webkinz The Cloning Facility

Another exciting and interesting episode of our Angry Birds VS. Webkinz! No Special Effects here, just us doing our best to entertain you! Nigel has teamed up w

Angry Birds Park Pigs

Join the pigs as they take a trip to the park. They loved driving the car and didn't even crash.

Angry Birds Battles Episode 1

More plush videos coming soon! - SUBSCRIBE!!!

Angry Birds Go Through The Car Wash!

Just a fun video by Colin as he takes his baby Angry Birds through their first Automatic Car Wash, along with his Mom and his 3 Poodles!
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