Fort Worth Leather--The Making of a Leather Purse

Fort Worth Leather--The Making of a Leather Purse

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Video of the process by which a blank piece of leather is transformed into a beautiful work of art. From tracing, to carving, to tooling, to staining, to final product . . . a handmade leather purse.

Basic Leather Carving

Learning the basics is the bases for all leather carving and is only the beginning of unlimited possibilities. For leathercrafting tools and accessories seen i

Making a leather purse by hand

Hand made a purse for my sister's birthday. This is not an in-depth how-to. In this video I bash my way through making my first leather project: a purse. I ack

Leather Detailing - A Short Course Leather crafting this pattern took maybe 20 minutes. Have a look, and if you want more details, and in depth videos, visit:

How To Price Leather Craft Art Work For Sale Pricing custom made leather craft is as valuable as the demand for it is. Setting a price for custom leather craft is a

Coloring The HandMade Belt

This video shows our coloring process. Custom Western Belts hand colors each belt they make. To purchase a belt visit

Making a Turned Leather Messenger Bag

► Buy the pattern and tutorial here: ► Buy bags and other items I've made here: https://www.etsy

Handmade handbags and clutches by Kazakhsha Leather Art Studio

This is a slideshow of handmade leather handbags and clutches by Kazakhsha Leather Art Studio. Every model is carefully tooled, hand carved, hand stitched and u

Using Backgrounder in Leatherwork ~ Leathercraft Tutorial ~ Basics of Leather Craft

In most types of carved leather designs, the backgrounder, leather tool matts and varies the texture of the area adjoining the design. Proper use of this tool w

How to make a leather Bag? Barada Duende

Learn step by step how our DUENDE bag is manufactured. We invite you to visit our workshop where you will see the careful process of making this special bag by

Making of Hard Leather Solo Bag by BAD&G CustomS

Making of Hard Leather Solo Bag for Harley Dyna by BAD&G CustomS Machinery used: Cobra Class-4 "Dream Mach

Punzierung von Wolfgang Fey Saddlery

Der Westernsattel. Aus einer Zeichnung entsteht ein Kunstwerk aus Leder

Making a Compact Leather Purse or Wallet

► Buy the pattern and tutorial here: ► Buy wallets and other items I've made here: https://www.e

Silver Beyond Ordinary "Leather Tooling"

Emi shows the how to hand tool and dye a cuff bracelet.

Leathercraft: Leather carving how to use a swivel knife - Leathercraft Tutorial

Leathercraft: Leather carving how to use a swivel knife. Leather carving How to use a swivel knife. Carving leather with a swivel knife. Here is an impromptu cl

Coloring Leather with Eco Flo Leather Dye

This viedeo shows a quick demonstration of coloring or painting leather with Tandy Leather Factory's Eco-Flo water based leather dyes. Our EcoFlo water-based d

Working Cow Horse Saddle #8

This Working Cow Horse Saddle is built on a Cutting Tree, has the deep seat, high front and the tall horn that many desire. Although not designed for roping, i

Hand Stitched Ladies Leather Handbag

In this video Tom Green shows how to hand stitch a superb ladies handbag from top quality leather. We demonstrate the techniques and discuss the design elements


Fix CRACKING and WEAR on LEATHER using our LEATHER REPAIR FILLER and LEATHER REPAIR KITS. To go to our site now : To PURCHASE our Excl

Antique Stain And Finish On Leather

This video demonstrates the differences between the Eco-Flo Gel Antique, the Hi-Lite, and the All-In-One Antique Stain and Finish. For leathercrafting tools an

Leatherworking tutorial: making leather celtic pouch

DOWNLOAD PATTERNS HERE (belt loops not included, make them by yourself):
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