Running on the Woodway Curve

Running on the Woodway Curve

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The Woodway Curve Treadmill is a bit different compared to a normal treadmill. It is not motorized in any way and instead uses it's curature to harness the pull of gravity on your body using the curved grade of the running surface. It is quite challeneging and taked a few minutes to acclimate to, but it is a great opportunity to refine correct running form before hitting the streets, especially for those getting into POSE or Evolution running techniques.

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Tristan Rice - Performance Specialist at Athletes' Performance demonstrates how they use the Curve manual treadmill to increase and improve running technique an

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Woodway 4 front

Running belt removal and install

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Skillmill Non-motorized Self-generated Curved Treadmill for Sale

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WOODWAY is The World's Smoothest and Quietest Treadmill

WOODWAY's patented drive system provides users with not only the most comfortable running experience but also the smoothest and most quiet.

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Using the WOODWAY Curve for General Fitness and Weight Loss

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Woodway Interns take the Curve Challenge

The Woodway Interns took the Curve Challenge! Our team of interns wanted to take on the task of beating the record for the farthest distance for the 20 minute
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