Fastest Bodybuilder In The World - Treadmill Challenge

Fastest Bodybuilder In The World - Treadmill Challenge

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Fastest Bodybuilder In The World - Treadmill Challenge

This Guy Can Run At 23 Miles Per Hour!

Luis Badillo Jr. has jaw-dropping speed, which made him an instant viral star! He's not a professional athlete but is still one of the fastest sprinters we've s


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Why The TrueForm Runner and Not a Motorized Treadmill

Benefits of the TrueForm Runner

When Women Sees A Bodybuilder In Public | Funny Must See Reactions

Must see reactions when women sees a bodybuilder in public. What do you think? Comment down below. Subscribe for more videos. -- Soundtrack: Mendum - Elysium

If Ah Bengs Managed A Gym | TMTV

This is what happens when ah bengs manage a gym! XD Let us know if you'd like to see more of these! WE WILL MAKE A SERIES OF THEM. Rmb to Like, Comment and SUBS

The boy who can jump rope faster than anyone in the world

Cen Xiaolin, a 15-year-old high-school student from Guangzhou, south China's Guangdong Province, completed an “impossible challenge”, jumping faster than a


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Amazing Kid || Treadmill Goal Video Ever || 2017

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World's Strongest Hands ✅

Strongest Hands in the world 2018. ✓SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE #FASTEST #AMAZING #STRONGEST → ← Please Support Us ! SUBSCRIBE to stay connec

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Treadmill Challenge, 1 minute at 25 km/h

Choose a speed that you can't hold for more than 1 minute and have somebody record you while you complete the challenge. WARNING, as this is very dangerous, you


For this month's People are Awesome video we thought we'd try something a bit different, check out our Fast Workers Edition, a compilation of workers with amazi

Shape of You- Ed Sheeran [ Treadmill Dance ]

This dance is inspired by someone i saw once, forgot the name tho :( if you guys know them, let me know :) hope you like it ! ^^ Don't forget to susbsribe:) •

Woodway Curve Sprints - 30 km/h

Boxers at Boxing Science, Sheffield Hallam University break the Curve Speed record that has stood for almost 3 years!

fastest treadmill runner in the world | Running Speed of 23.9 MPH | luis badillo jr #2

fastest treadmill runner in the world | Running Speed of 23.9 MPH |luis badillo jr #2 🔴FITNESS MODELS VIDEOS:-

Usain Bolt - Track & Training

Despite being exceptionally naturally gifted the legend that is Usain Bolt has to work extremely hard to be the fastest man alive. Here we see the intense dedic


5 STRONGEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD It seems to us that absolutely every man would like to be muscled and strong to impress ladies and friends. Or maybe some would

Couple Treadmill Dancing

Just wait to see what happens! You've never seen this before! Couple dancing on the treadmill. Dancing to Justin Bieber's What Do You Mean Dance Video. Amazing

Runners Attempt Eliud Kipchoge’s World Record Marathon Pace

How long could you hang with Eliud Kipchoge? Attendees of the 2018 Chicago Marathon expo got the chance to find out—with some hilarious results. Runners were

Kids Treadmill

Make everyday a kids fit day. Don’t leave your kids out of the fun when you’re exercising. With the Redmon Kids Treadmill your son or daughter can run or wa

Best 30 Fastest Sprint Speeds In Football

Title: Best 30 Fastest Sprint Speeds In Football Get yourself your favorite fragrance from over 9,500 authentic brands: Women's Perfume / Men's Cologne Use code


WORLD'S MOST SHREDDED GUY And WORKOUT!!! Best of Helmut Strebl Bio Supreme Fitness Model Making a truly committed decision is the ultimate power. Find him O

DUKE the Amazing Pitbull | This DOG Loves to Run on the Treadmill | 289K Views

Who wants to work out??? Duke Does!!! You gotta check out this video of him demanding to get his exercise -- He can run for hours at a time, and stays on a wond

See What Happens To Your Body If You Run 5 minutes Everyday

When it comes to exercise, it's no secret that running is good for you. But do you know what happens to your body when you run? I'm not just talking about swea

Fastest Feet in the World with Luis Badillo Jr | Muscle Madness

Muscle Madness Luis Badillo Jr is an American trainer from King Feet of Miami team with incredible fast feet. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE MUSCL

World's Fastest Mile Ever By A Human! Queen Street Auckland.

Footage of the then-called Molenberg Mile in 1983 won by Mike Boit of Kenya in World Record time


Another video filmed with my uncle... stay tuned for more of these videos at the gym! :) STRONG FITNESS AND HEALTH WORKOUT GEAR:

My Running transformation

Heres part of my weight loss journey.

Cardio - Treadmill

Cardio - Interval training, treadmill Sprint for approximately 1-2 minutes walk for approximately 30 seconds 15-30 minutes 2-3 times per week Cardio will not

Joe Warne 800m world record treadmill attempt 28.5km/h

The 800m world record is 28.5km/h for 1 min 41 secs. Here Joe lasted 1 min 17 secs, so splits were 50.5 secs at 400m, and 1.15 at 600m. He ran a total of 620m
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