Top 10 Luigi Taunt Spikes & Moments - Super Smash Bros.

Top 10 Luigi Taunt Spikes & Moments - Super Smash Bros.

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One of the most iconic taunts in Smash, Luigi's down taunt is infamous for it's hilarious levels of disrespect and style. Here are the top 10 moments and spikes to celebrate the move! Subscribe here! ► Outro song credits: Soul galaxy 3000 - ► Connect to Even Matchup Gaming! • • • • Watch all of our tournament archives at: ► Follow the team: EMG | YourFriendMar - EMG | TorontoJoe - EMG | SmashCentral - EMG | Darkhorse - EMG | Weon - X - EMG | Coastward - EMG | Blacktwins - EMG | ProZak - EMG | Chopsticks - EMG | Nate$ - EMG | MasterDalK- EMG | n0ne - EMG | Nightmare -

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Detrás del Smash es una serie donde analizamos todas las características que se tomaron en cuenta para incluir a un personaje en Super Smash Bros. En esta oca

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Crushing Counters in Smash Ultimate

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It's time for a brand new chapter of Smash Bros. I'm ready for a brand new era of claiming that Luigi sucks. #SuperSmashBros #SmashBrosUltimate #SmashBros ~Mu

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Finally Disclaimer: This video isn't meant to be taken seriously nor is it meant to be an argument to why Melee is bad or anything similar. Please don't figh

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Smash Ultimate -Luigi montage "Green"

First things first: Thank you very much for over 50 subscribers after only two video's! I really enjoy making these videos and I really enjoy Smash Ultimate, so
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