Top Tips for Interior Design

Top Tips for Interior Design

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Interior designer and SketchUp trainer Tammy Cody highlights some top tips to help streamline your interior design business and workflow in SketchUp. Have questions about these tips, or want to learn more about Tammy? Check out her website here: SketchUp Instruction from Tammy:

Bringing in imagery in SketchUp: Image, Match Photo, Watermark - Skill Builder

Inspired by Joshua Cohen's 3D Basecamp presentation, we dive into the 3 different ways you can bring in imagery, how they are different, and which ones you shou

How to create organic shapes with native tools in SketchUp - Skill Builder

We hear time and time again that organic modeling is not possible in SketchUp unless you use extensions. The extensions are awesome - and can be super helpful,

Interior Design Advanced Techniques

This is a raw screen capture recording of a presentation given by SketchUp team member Aris Komninos at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018 in London. Aris goes over

Texture tips to help optimize your SketchUp model - Skill Builder

Gathering inspiration from Mike Tadros' 3D Basecamp presentation, we highlight three important tips you should consider when creating a SketchUp model. Follow a

Create a seamless tiling texture in SketchUp - Skill Builder

Customize your SketchUp model by creating your own tiling textures. Don't settle for hard lines and inconsistent colors. Instead, create smooth transitions from

LayOut for Interiors

This is a raw screen capture recording of a presentation given by SketchUp team member Aris Komninos at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018 in London. Aris goes over

Getting Started with LayOut

LayOut is part of SketchUp Pro, designed to make printing, presenting and documenting your SketchUp models fast and easy. This video covers the basics of bring

JPG vs PNG import files in SketchUp - Skill Builder

Inspired by Dan Brown's 3D Basecamp presentation, we dive into how to handle and use different types of files when creating a large SketchUp model. Follow along

Intersect with model, context or selection - Skill Builder

This Skill Builder comes to us from a question we got on our YouTube channel. We dive into the differences of Intersection with model, context or selection and

Prepping SketchUp Files for LayOut

We have had a lot of requests for a LayOut based Skill Builder, so let's start by preparing a SketchUp file for import into LayOut! Follow along as Aaron shows

How to build a sphere in SketchUp in 6 seconds - Skill Builder

As a SketchUp user, you should be able to draw a sphere from scratch in just a couple of seconds. In this Skill Builder, we show you how to use the Circle comm

SketchUp Skill Builder: Rough Openings

Part 4 in our Architectural hit list! This time we will cover a few tips for putting rough openings into the exterior walls!

SketchUp Skill Builder: Reference Images

Have you ever had to model something from reference images, but were not sure of the best way to get set up to start modeling? This Skill Builder will walk you

SketchUp Extension Inspection: Medeek Truss Plugin

Drawing in trusses into your SketchUp model can be a time consuming process. Fortunately, Medeek Truss Plugin makes it quick and easy to get great looking Truss

SketchUp tips for interior designers

This video is a recording of a presentation given by Josh Reilly at the 2015 Clerkenwell Design Week in London (May 19 - 21). It is intended for SketchUp beginn

SketchUp Extension Inspection: 3D Offset

Don't you just hate how the Offset command only works in 2d? There MUST be a way to offset surfaces in 3D, right? Well, there is! 3D Offset from Wisext! Down

SketchUp Skill Builder: Drawing Exterior Walls

There are many ways to draw exterior walls in SketchUp. This video highlights a few methods that you can use when drawing walls based on an imported image file

SketchUp Training Series: Match Photo part 2

Make sure to understand the basics of match photo in part 1. Now that you have started your model, this video will cover how to use multiple photos as reference

SketchUp LayOut workflow hack using custom templates

Follow along as Aaron shows clarity in the construction process with a LayOut workflow time saver. Relink models within your custom templates to reduce rework a
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