Niall Horan plays CELEBRI-TELLY

Niall Horan plays CELEBRI-TELLY

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Have you ever wondered if Niall Horan has a bigger TV than Cara Delevingne, Richard Branson or Brooklyn Beckham? Well wonder no more as Niall plays Celebritelly with Grimmy on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

Niall Horan Pranks Niall Horan Impersonator!!!!

Niall puts on his best London accent and calls a Niall Horan impersonator to book him for a fake party. The real Niall even sings along with him while testing o

Nick Grimshaw | Full Interview | Alan Carr: Chatty Man

Well known Radio 1 host, Nick Grimshaw, popped into the studio to chat about his hilarious times working in radio! Subscribe for more videos and classic moment

Can Demi Lovato remember her own lyrics?

Nick Grimshaw challenges Demi to remember lyrics from some of her earliest hits. Camp Rock anyone?

Niall Horan on life, love and why One Direction called it quits | 60 Minutes Australia

1D’s loveable larrikin, Niall Horan, decided on a new direction. He swapped fame for anonymity and took off backpacking around the world. He tells Allison Lan

Niall Horan Reveals How Ed Sheeran Ended Up in His Hockey Jersey on a Tour Bus

Niall Horan explains his Irish holiday traditions, including a 12 pubs of Christmas bar crawl, how moving to the U.S. turned him on to brussel sprouts and how E

Daniel Radcliffe - YouTube Comment Reactions

So many people ask questions under their favourite celebrity’s videos BUT do these stars ever actually read them? Daniel Radcliffe tackles comments taken from

Niall Horan & Julia Michaels Must Escape to Perform Their Song

In this extended cut, James walks his music guests Niall Horan and Julia Michaels to a Late Late Show-themed escape room where they must work together to emerg

Louis Tomlinson Reads The Weirdest Rumours About Him Online In 'Lou Or False?' | PopBuzz Meets

We caught up with Louis on this week's PopBuzz Podcast where we read all the weirdest rumours about him we could find online. So, what pop song can he play on t

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift play Eds or Taylz?

Nick Grimshaw quizzed Taylor and Ed to see how much they knew about the other person – with interesting results!

"If you were a chair, who would you let sit on you?": 5SOS answer 5 second fan questions

"Definitely not Calum!" 5 Seconds of Summer answer 5 second fan questions on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw. Listen live to the Radio 1 Breakf

Justin Timberlake & Anna Kendrick: Trolls PRANK AlphabetiCALL

All they have to do is make a phone call where each sentence starts with the next letter of the alphabet. Simple? Justin Timberlake takes on Anna Kendrick at A

Niall Horan Reveals What He Doesn't Miss About 1D & His First Celeb Crush In The 'Confession Booth'

What was his first email address? Who cried the most in One Direction? And which singer and actress was his first celebrity crush? It's time for Niall to enter

Boy Bands v. Solo Artists Riff-Off w/ Liam Payne

When James shares how he fell into a boy band wormhole recently, Liam Payne shows up with The Filharmonic to challenge Corden's claim that boy bands are superio

How real are these Niall Horan 'facts?'

Did Niall Horan suggest that One Direction should be called, 'Niall and the Potatoes' and did he actually scream when Justin Bieber followed him on Twitter? Fin

Harry Styles quizzed by Ed Sheeran, Chris Martin and his Mum

Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw surprises Harry Styles with messages from some of his friends - Chris Martin, Ronnie Wood, Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora and hi

'Hot Hands' with Niall Horan

The One Direction star turned solo artist helped Ellen host a game of "Hot Hands" all about attractive male stars.

5SOS 'Surprise Radio Presenters' Prank

5 Seconds of Summer were invited for an interview on the Scott Mills show. All was good until Scott and Chris popped out during a song...

Niall Horan Talks 'Flicker', Being Claustrophobic, Ed Sheeran & More!

Niall Horan Talks 'Flicker', Being Claustrophobic, Ed Sheeran & More!

How well do Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas really know each other?

How well do Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas really know each other? Nick Grimshaw investigates...

Niall Horan Is a Budget Traveler - The Graham Norton Show

"You'd be surprised what 20 quid gets you!" The Graham Norton Show airs Saturdays at 10/9c on BBC America. Subscribe now: Watch MORE Gr
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