Bingo! Harry Styles is the greatest bingo caller ever! (At The BBC)

Bingo! Harry Styles is the greatest bingo caller ever! (At The BBC)

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Grimmy's 'new' friends don't think much of Harry's album, oh dear. Watch more from Harry's very own show, Harry Styles At The BBC, presented by Nick Grimshaw. Watch here: Subscribe now:

Harry Styles quizzed by Ed Sheeran, Chris Martin and his Mum

Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw surprises Harry Styles with messages from some of his friends - Chris Martin, Ronnie Wood, Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora and hi

Flinch w/ Harry Styles & Aaron Taylor-Johnson

James invites Harry Styles and Aaron Taylor-Johnson to play a game of Flinch -- with a British twist. Each man must maintain a stiff upper lip while enjoying a

Billie Eilish Takes 'The Office' Quiz With Rainn Wilson | Billboard

Billboard sent Rainn Wilson, who portrayed Dwight Schrute on the iconic television series 'The Office,' to Billie Eilish’s house to surprise her and to quiz h

Harry Styles being sassy - Part three

It's time for some sassiness from this little diva again. These are all the sassy moments from this tour. Hope you like it. There's gonna be at least 4 more vid

The Real Harry Styles VS The Media's "Harry Styles"

I made this because I honestly don't understand how people can still say he's a bad person and/or a "womanizer". Not to mention how many times he's publicly adm

Niall Horan's totally fake interview

Singer Niall Horan joins Radio 1's Greg James for a truly unbelievable interview, and reveals secrets he never knew he had.

Nick Grimshaw | Full Interview | Alan Carr: Chatty Man

Well known Radio 1 host, Nick Grimshaw, popped into the studio to chat about his hilarious times working in radio! Subscribe for more videos and classic moment

Harry Styles Gets Distracted Easily

It's okay, Harry. You distract me every day.

Everything right with Harry Styles

Hiii guys, okay so recently I saw this video called Everything right with Rihanna by BEEF and I got inspired to make one about Harry. So I compiled everything t

Harry Styles Gave Up Music While Filming 'Dunkirk' | Elvis Duran Show

► Listen LIVE: ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► Instagram: https


Grimmy rigged up Harry Styles to a heart monitor to see what images would give the most emotional response including Ryan Gosling, a briefcase full of money and

The dramatic side of Harry Styles

This video proves that this guy is a drama king in his very own way. You really seem to like the naughty side of him so I thought I should expose his drama quee

Grimmy Chats to One Direction!!!!!

Grimmy chats to One Direction and gets the Radio 1 listeners to help out by asking a few extra questions! You can watch the full interview on BBC iPlayer http

Funny interview moments with Harry Styles

Hope you enjoy this new Harry video, sorry for not posting for a while, there's two videos coming at you this week to make it up to you. Tell me in the comments

One Direction-This Is Us-Harry Styles going home

yes ! i am a directioners and i am kind of obssesed with harry style ! this is harry styles going home and being a normal kid , i will be also uploading the o

Niall Horan plays CELEBRI-TELLY

Have you ever wondered if Niall Horan has a bigger TV than Cara Delevingne, Richard Branson or Brooklyn Beckham? Well wonder no more as Niall plays Celebritelly

Harry Styles to the Rescue!

The Late Late Show needed a guest host when James Corden had to head to the hospital for the birth of his daugther, and James's good pal Harry Styles rushed to

Harry Styles funny and cute moments

like, subscribe, and comment please no hate please Follow me on vine to see harrystyles edits it's:harrystylesvines

Funny interview moments with Harry Styles Part 2

Hiii, I hope you like this video. It's a bit shorter than usual but I wanted to make a second part since you seemed to enjoy the first one and promo time is ove
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