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Meet the strangest gemstones in the world. These gems are very scarce and can be worth a lot of money in the market. Here is the list of the most rare and expensive gems in the world. -Musgravite It was discovered in Musgrave Rangers in Australia in 1967, this rock has great similarity to the Taaffeite. -Black Opal Finally, in the list of multiple tonalities gems, one with a lot of different colors couldn’t miss. -Red Beryl Just listening to the name of this ultra-rare gem makes us imagine its main characteristic, which is its intense red tonality. -Poudretteite With a transparent pink color and a glassy shine, this beauty occupies a place in the rarest gems in the world. -Taaffeite The history says that Richard Taaffe, a gem specialist, bought a lot of precious stones in a jeweler in 1945. -Alexandrite Discovered in 1830 in the Ural Mountains in Russia, it was named in honor to the Russian czar Alexander II, or at least that’s what the history says. -Grandidierite It was described for the first time in 1902 by the gem specialist Alfred Lacroix. -Tanzanite As its name indicates, this one is from Tanzania, to be more specific, from a little area near the Mount Kilimanjaro, where a few specimens were found. - Benitoite This gemstone was found at the beginning of the 1900 near the San Benito county in California. -Painite It was discovered in 1951 by the gems and mineral specialist Arthur Charles Davy Pain, and was recognized as a new mineral in the year 1957. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Us: Trend Max is an education and entertainment channel dedicated to creating interesting Tops, Lists and more. Do not miss a single video SUBSCRIBE NOW. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Us: Facebook : Google+ : Twitter : Instagram :

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Identifying real and fake turquoise

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More than 755 Carats Name: "Glorious Jubilee" GIA Certified Report: 15766161 Size: 106 x 65 x 14 mm (approx) Shape: Free Form Species: Natual Black Opal Type: O

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