SketchUp Training Series: Match Photo part 2

SketchUp Training Series: Match Photo part 2

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Make sure to understand the basics of match photo in part 1. Now that you have started your model, this video will cover how to use multiple photos as reference and also how to align existing geometry to a photo to explore different design options.

SketchUp Training Series: Match Photo part 1

Match photo is a powerful tool to create models using photographic reference. Learn the basics of how to setup an imported photo to build a model, then progress

SketchUp Skill Builder: Tapered Table Leg

Tag along as we tackle time-saving tips for tapering table legs. You'll want to tap into these techniques and modeling tidbits the next time you modify primitiv

SketchUp and CAD - Creating Walls

This is video 2 in working with SketchUp and CAD and progresses from our previous video in using the CAD plan as a reference to create interior and exterior wal

SketchUp tips for interior designers

This video is a recording of a presentation given by Josh Reilly at the 2015 Clerkenwell Design Week in London (May 19 - 21). It is intended for SketchUp beginn

SketchUp Training Series: Layers

Layers in SketchUp are unique and function differently than in other software. We'll show you how to use layers in combination with groups to organize your mode

SketchUp Skill Builder: Reference Images

Have you ever had to model something from reference images, but were not sure of the best way to get set up to start modeling? This Skill Builder will walk you

Detailing water in your landscape design - Skill Builder

Last week we took a landscape design and used water materials to intersect the geometry. This week we take it a step further...and add some detail! Follow along

SketchUp Skill Builder: Let's Get Aligned

When it comes to getting the perfect view in SketchUp, it is hard to beat the alignment tools in SketchUp's context menu. For those of you who have not yet used

SketchUp Training Series: Inference Locking Example

Inference locking will make your work in SketchUp fast and efficient, but some practice helps. This is an example built from the beginning to show various ways

SketchUp Skill Builder: Layering Watermarks

Onions have layers... Ogres have layers... Watermarks have layers! Check out this spooky Halloween Skill Builder and see how you can use layered watermarks to t

Nick Sonder Architect

Nick was using SketchUp as a design tool only, but then found he could carry his projects from design through construction documentation using SketchUp Pro whic

Bringing in imagery in SketchUp: Image, Match Photo, Watermark - Skill Builder

Inspired by Joshua Cohen's 3D Basecamp presentation, we dive into the 3 different ways you can bring in imagery, how they are different, and which ones you shou

SketchUp and CAD - Doors and Windows

This is the 3rd video covering our recommended method for creating models from CAD files. Here we cover a technique to create your door and window openings.

SketchUp Extension Inspection: Medeek Truss Plugin

Drawing in trusses into your SketchUp model can be a time consuming process. Fortunately, Medeek Truss Plugin makes it quick and easy to get great looking Truss

SketchUp Skill Builder: Perfect Match Photo Images

Match Photo is a great way to magically convert a 2D photograph into a 3D model. That is, if you have the right photo. So what makes a photo a "good" photo vs o

SketchUp Training Series: Follow Me tool

You can create details, rails, trim, lathed shapes and lots more using the follow-me tool. It's quite powerful and easy to use once you learn the basics with th

SketchUp Training Series: Copies and Arrays

You can easily copy objects in SketchUp. Once you've made one copy, you can choose to make that an array for many copies.
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