ASMR Lotion & Oil Ear Massage (NO TALKING) Rubbing, Cupping, Stroking, Tapping for Tingles - 3Dio

ASMR Lotion & Oil Ear Massage (NO TALKING) Rubbing, Cupping, Stroking, Tapping for Tingles - 3Dio

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The link for my whispered version of this video: Hello! So here is the no talking version of my oil & lotion ear massage, finally! This has probably been my most requested video thus far, so I really hope it is as good as the last one :) I used the body butter/lotion in the first half and the oil in the second half, because I think the lotion is slightly louder and also because most of you told me that you liked the lotion better :) Sorry if you can slightly hear the camera lens focusing in the first portion of this video, I didn't realise I had left it on auto focus and I couldn't hear it at the time of recording. I also broke my only good pair of headphones, so I'm not sure if the volume is correct, feel free to let me know :) Rough time stamps; 00:08 - 02:19 - Tapping on lotion packaging, lid scratching and lid opening sounds 02:20 - 36:45 - Lotion ear massage, rubbing, ear tapping, gentle ear cupping, long strokes etc. 36:46 - 39:35 - Cleaning lotion off of ears with makeup wipes, plus a little scratching and crinkling 39:36 - 44:08 - Glass bottle tapping, label scratching and lid opening sounds 44:09 - 1:10:45 - Oil ear massage, same as with the lotion, but a little more gentle towards the end 1:10:46 - End - Cleaning oil off ears with a wet wipe and drying them off with a microfibre cloth. A little fabric scratching and gentle ear touching at the end. Thank you very much for watching :) xoxo Nail polish - MeMeMe in 'Ambitious' (worst quality nail polish EVER! lol) Microphone - 3Dio Free Space binaural mic Recorder - Zoom H5 Camera - Canon 700D/T5i with basic kit lens

ASMR Ear Massage (NO TALKING) Ear Touching, Tapping, Rubbing & Stroking for Sleep & Study 😴

1 hour + ASMR Ear Massage without oil or talking for Study, Sleep & Relaxation 😴 Hello! I'm back with another long ear massage and my final one for a whil

ASMR Deep Ear Cleaning w/ Whispering for Sleep 👂 Japanese Ear Pick, Q-Tips, Mascara Wands, Cotton +

ASMR Whispered Ear Cleaning, with Japanese fluffy ear picks, q-tips, mascara wands / spoolies, glass water dropper bottle, ear blowing, bamboo pick, cotton and

ASMR To Make You Sleep and Tingle (ASMR No Talking)

ASMR To Make You Sleep and Tingle (ASMR No Talking) ASMR textured tapping and scratching for sleep, tingles and relaxation, no talking asmr! My new 4K ASMR vid

ASMR Haircut Role Play (Scalp Massage, Shaving, Hair Brushing, Hair Inspection, Shampoo...)

Welcome to my new ASMR video! This video includes scalp massage sounds, hair brushing sounds, shampoo sounds, hand movements, hair touching and much more!! If a

ASMR 1 Hr Intense EAR EATING + Layered Ear Eating 😋👂

Hello hello, my lovelies 🐻 I haven't eaten your 3dio pro II ears yet and I had a few requests for this quite some time ago soooo let's begin 😋👂 DOUBLE

ASMR Massaging Your BRAIN 🧠

Welcome you! In tonight's video your brain deserves a massage and to completely relax, with this selection of soothing triggers. Now listen on Spotify: https:/

ASMR BEST 6 Ear Massage & Cupping 😚

This is 'BEST 6(Oil, Lotion, Gel, Water, Pure Hands, Scrub) Ear Massage & Cupping No Talking ASMR'! XD I like ear cupping sound. Ear cupping is feeling like in

ASMR - ultimate sleep treatment on a HOT DAY - oily FACE MASSAGE, face brushing, inaudible whispers

Hello my Dear :* This video today isn't perfect! It took me the whole night to do it. This here is the third try and it was already morning when I recorded it s


Hello all! Back with a new mouth sounds video :) I will be posting that sci fi sequel next so keep a look out for that! I hope you enjoy this video n__n I make


Hello ~ I did a bunch of trigger tests on a new mic, which is very similar to the 3dio, called the SR3D. I try some tapping, mic blowing, ear play, trigger word

The Top 10 Triggers for ASMR + Sleep

Hello everybody! I am such a fan of trigger compilations -- I wanted to do my own. Here are the triggers I see most frequently done and requested around the ASM

Literal Mic Eating ~

TO SKIP RIGHT TO THE EAR NOMS: 2:05 SORRY THE VIDEO ENDS ABRUPTLY CAMERA DIED Happy New Year everyone :D Sorry this video is so heavily edited, I don't know wh

ASMR 1H OF TAPPING NO TALKING! Brain Melting Sounds 😴😴

TINGLY NO TALKING TAPPING ❤ I'm always searching the best equipment, you can help me here :

Twin Ear Cleaning That Will Make You Tingle 150% [22 mins] - ASMR

Check out my NEW VIDEO: Twin Ear Cleaning That Will Make You Tingle 150% [22 mins] - ASMR Mic I used: https://www.

ASMR Sleep & Relaxation Treatment ❤︎

Enjoy this luxury sleep treatment -- designed to get you some well-deserved rest! The first half is dedicated to setting you up in maximum comfort -- with a rob

40 Min No Talking ASMR 😴 Ear Massage Variety Pack 💆

.* Time stamps *. 00:00 Plain ear massage (ear touching, tapping, stroking) 02:21 Ear cleaning with feather ear pick with gentle ear touching ~ and some quiet

ASMR Umbrella ☔️ Water Spritzing all Around & On You, Brushing, Tapping & Rain Sounds (No Talking)

Hello my dears! If the world gets too stressful and you are in need of some relaxation, you can come hang out with me and stand under my umbrella... ella ella

[ASMR] Ear Touching & Close Up Ear to Ear Whispering

♡ Dance Channel: ♡ Patreon: ♡ Instagram:

ASMR Tascam Tingly Ear Cleaning ✨ Mic Tapping, Tweezers, Q-Tips, Brushing, Feather Pick ✨ NO TALKING

1 Hour No Talking ASMR ~ Tascam Ear Cleaning with Tweezers, Q-tips, Makeup Brushes, Silicone star brush, LED & Feather Ear Picks Hello! Tonight I will be giv

ASMR ♥️ 10 Sounds to Help Y♥️u Relax, Sleep, and Study (no talking)

. * ♥️ Time Stamps ♥️ * . 00:36 Mic mesh and jewel strip ~experimental~ 05:25 Apple 09:23 Gel bead vinyl wine cooler 15:44 Dry konjac sponge 20:00
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