Usain Bolt - Goes Missing

Usain Bolt - Goes Missing

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In the 2011, Daegu World Championships 100m final, Usain Bolt committed a false start which lead to his disqualification. Shortly after this devastating mistake he cannot be found by his agent who proceeds to discuss the error with the press. From the Documentary Usain Bolt: The Fastest Man Alive Directed by Gaël Leiblang © ELEPHANT ADVENTURES – LEIBLANG PRODUCTIONS 2012

Olympic Legends: Usain Bolt - a sprinting phenom

Let's take a look at the sprinting journey of Jamaica's Usain Bolt, a triple gold medallist at the Beijing Olympics. Subscribe https:/

Jamaican Kid Trainer Challenges Usain Bolt to a Race!

Viral video star Demarjay Smith and the Olympian had a race for the history books! See who won right here!

Usain Bolt - Biography

At 15 years old Usain became the star of Jamaican sprinting, consequently he was named 'The Lightning Bolt'. Watch as he competes in some of the most formative

World Record 4x100 metres relay, Jamaica, 37.04 sec, Daegu, IAAF WC 2011, final round

World Record 4x100 metres relay, Jamaica, 37.04 sec, Daegu, IAAF World Championships Athletics 2011, final round, 4th September 2011, German TV 1 - 37.04 - Jam

Usain Bolt - Close Friend Nugent Walker

One of Usain's oldest friends Nugent Walker talks about the role he plays in the world champion's success. From the Documentary Usain Bolt: The Fastest Man Ali

Usain Bolt - Nerves

We associated Usain Bolt with confidence and finesse. However, it appears that even The Lightning Bolt himself is prone to pre-race nerves on occasion as he dis

Usain Bolt - The Comeback

After Usain's hearbreaking false start he returns to victory and full form here at the Daegu 2011, World Championships. Watch as The Lightning Bolt emerges full

Usain Bolt - Train Like Usain

Glen Mills, Usain's coach is the man behind the legend. He took the star's natural talent and turned the young athlete into a force of nature. Watch as the worl

Usain Bolt - The Path To Greatness

Usain's family and friends discuss the path which led the record breaker to become the world's fastest man, including an insight into his childhood and what it

Usain Bolt - Manchester United Just Won, I'm Happy

Usain talks candidly about his false start at the Daegu, 2011 World Championships. Giving his inspirational philosophy on moving forward, not looking back most

This Japanese Kid Will Probably Replace Usain Bolt!

Abdul Hakim Sani Brown, only 17 years old, he's already rated as one of most outstanding sprinters of the decade. Can he beat Bolt? Song: Cartoon - Why We Los

Usain Bolt - Money

The legend Usain Bolt is on a promotional trip to Rome, in this clip his agent (Ricky Simms) and the event organisers talk about the logistics and finanicials b

Usain Bolt - False Start, 2011 Daegu World Championships

The moment Usain Bolt suffered a false start at the 2011 Daegu World Championships. From the Documentary Usain Bolt: The Fastest Man Alive Directed by Gaël Le

Are these Kids going to be faster than Usain Bolt?

This video show a compilation of the best sprinting rising stars in recent time (Under 18). Hope you enjoyed. Like & Subscribe. Song: T.Armour - Born 2 Run (So

They're Here!!! Team Jamaica 2012 London Olympics c/o

Team Jamaica 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony & Various Pics This is a HeyJaxz & Productions

Usain Bolt - Glen Mills Training Session

Footage of Usain Bolt training under the guidance of his coach Glen Mills. With such an intense regime mixed with dedication and astounding natural ability it's

Usain Bolt vs. The NFL

The NFL is loaded with some of the fastest men in the world. Let's see how they stack up against Bolt.

Usain Bolt: My Rio Highlights

The best moments from the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Watch the full competition with Usain Bolt at the Olympics 2016 here:

Usain Bolt 200m world record: 19.19!!! (+ Michael Johnson's reaction)

The actual race (starts at 1:10) and after reaction from Michael Johnson etc on this stunning stunning run!!! Plus short trackside talk with Usain Bolt.
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