Studding Your Own Tires--Bad Idea?

Studding Your Own Tires--Bad Idea?

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Uncertain of the age of the tires on my motorhome, I replaced them with new. The old ones still had a lot of good tread left, a fairly aggressive tread with lots of sipes, so I decided to put studs in them and make them my winter tires for my Bronco. I got a full two seasons out of them, and then this year one of them started to fail. So it was back to my Buckshot Raidal Mudders for the winter. Since I still had lots of studs left over, I decided to add some studs to the inner lugs of the Buckshots. But that was before I realized that it may have been the studs that caused the damage to the old motorhome tire(s).

Dangerous Tires

ABC News 20/20 Brian Ross Investigates. Uploaded by the Andy Moore Scholarship Fund.

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Link for the stud gun: Link for the tire studs: https://rover.e

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