Cabbie Presents Usain Bolt races in Super Mario Kart

Cabbie Presents Usain Bolt races in Super Mario Kart

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Usain Bolt​, the world's fastest man, describes the new technology from PUMA​. Bolt recalls the moment rival Justin Gatlin​ spit in his lane, describes "Island Time" for him is only 20 minutes late and reveals the things in his life he takes time doing: text messaging, eating and sucking at "Call Of Duty". Finally, Cabral "Cabbie" Richards​ challenges the legend to a race...a Super Mario Kart race.

Usain Bolt Teaches Kids at Mt. SAC How to Run Fast

Usain Bolt made an appearance in California at Mount San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) on September 27, 2011 to do a track and field clinic after a successful 2011

Usain Bolt Running Man.

Blue Peter's Andy Akinwolere visits Jamaica, home of Usain Bolt to find out why Jamaicans are so fast. Includes brief interview with Usain Bolt.

The Man Behind Usain Bolt

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Cabbie Presents Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is given a retirement card (from all of Canada) and considers becoming a gamer in retirement to feed his competitiveness. Halo 5 is a game he might

Usain Bolt y los superdotados de la última década (100m planos) .

Recuento de las mejores carreras en los 100m planos (juegos olímpicos, mundiales de atletismo, etc), entre los 4 mejores corredores de los últimos años: Tyso

Usain Bolt vs Justin Gatlin | Rio Olympics 2016 (Build-Up Highlights)

Bolt or Gatlin? Also, comment predictions for the 200m 100m will take place August 14, 2016 Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANY MUSIC NOR DO I ATTACH OWNERSHIP TO T

Jamaican Kid Trainer Challenges Usain Bolt to a Race!

Viral video star Demarjay Smith and the Olympian had a race for the history books! See who won right here!

Kids around the world do the 'Bolt'

A look at Usain Bolt's influence on young runners around the world.

Norm Powell Has No Problems - Cabbie Presents

Norm Powell takes his blue collar, hard working talents off the court into the recording studio, releasing the uplifting, satirical track "No Problems". Cabbie

Regular People Try To Beat The Fastest Man In The World

Can they run 100 m in less than 9.58 seconds?! Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedBlue! GET MORE BUZZFEED:

Cabbie Presents: P.K. Subban

PK Subban and Cabbie discuss soaking up the experience in the Olympic Village and the cultural exchange. Subban is given a bag of Canadiana to trade with other

Michael Phelps vs. Usain Bolt...who is more impressive? | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock talk Rio Olympics. Who is the most impressive athlete in 2016? SUBSCRIBE to the Podcast on iTunes:

USAIN BOLT - Before They Were Famous

Before Usain Bolt became the fastest man in the World, sweeping 100, 200m and relay events at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics Usain Bolt was so energetic as a kid,

Usain Bolt at age 17 | Before They Were Superstars

Before becoming a 9 time Olympic gold medalist, Usain Bolt was just another hopeful junior sprinter. We journey back through time to 2003 and join the Jamaican

Usain Bolt Wins Olympic 100m Gold | London 2012 Olympic Games

&id=2O7K-8G2nwU Jamaican Usain Bolt sets a new Olympic record as he retains his 100m Gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics on the 5 August 2012. Fellow Jama

Usain Bolt - The Path To Greatness

Usain's family and friends discuss the path which led the record breaker to become the world's fastest man, including an insight into his childhood and what it

Jamaica break Commonwealth 4x100m record - Usain Bolt | Unmissable Moments

The Jamaican team of Jason Livermore, Kemar Bailey-Cole, Nickel Ashmeade and the 100m world record holder Usain Bolt set a new Commonwealth Games record to win

Cabbie Presents Josh Donaldson

Josh Donaldson invents a hashtag for the 2016 Blue Jays campaign, #RAININTHE6. Donaldson wants to grow his hair into a lengthy single braid this season. Cabbie

Usain Bolt attempts American Football!

The fastest man in the world put his skills to the test at a different kind of sport, running 40m! But will the gear be his downfall? Subscribe to ESPN UK: ht

Cabbie Presents: Tyler Seguin's Payback

Tyler Seguin (Dallas Stars) conspires with his mother to prank Cabbie. After a Valentine's Day Prank on Tyler's mom (and teammate Jamie Benn's mother) and a Mot

Usain Bolt - Track & Training

Despite being exceptionally naturally gifted the legend that is Usain Bolt has to work extremely hard to be the fastest man alive. Here we see the intense dedic

Impresionante: Usain Bolt se tropezó y ganó igual - 100 m -Mundial de atletismo Pekin 2015

El jamaiquino se tropezó en la salida, perdió centésimas de segundo muy valiosas, pero los corrió desde atrás y les ganó a todos. Así se metió en la gra

Fastest Man in the World !

Fastest Man in the World ! fastest man on earth , on planet this title is his Dream Facebook Page:- Google

Men's 100m Final | Rio 2016 Replay

Full replay of the race where Jamaica's Usain Bolt wins gold for the third time in a row in the men's 100m, defeating 2004 Olympic champion Justin Gatlin from U

Usain Bolt - Glen Mills Training Session

Footage of Usain Bolt training under the guidance of his coach Glen Mills. With such an intense regime mixed with dedication and astounding natural ability it's

Usain Bolt acceleration and starts - competition warm up

Lessons from Moscow part 1 - acceleration and starts with Usain Bolt at World Championships Moscow 2013

Cabbie Presents Andre DeGrasse

In preparation for his first Olympic Games, Andre De Grasse​ the lightning fast sprinter from Canada, gives Cabbie the lowdown on how fast his life is off the

Usain Bolt vs. The NFL

The NFL is loaded with some of the fastest men in the world. Let's see how they stack up against Bolt.

10 animales que corren más rápido que Usain Bolt

¿Creías que Usain Bolt ha batido todos los récords en velocidad? Eso es porque aún no se ha enfrentado a estos animales. ¡Si les retara, el corredor jamaic
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