Usain Bolt's $42 Million Jeep

Usain Bolt's $42 Million Jeep

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SHOP JEEP WRANGLER: DONATE HERE: Thank you for considering COKESPIRIT "NOT FOR PROFIT" youtube channel, your diligent views, likes, comments, shares and subscribes proof our appeal to the populace(WORLD) or you may help by providing incentives in the form of grants or donating funds to my PAYPAL ACCOUNT which will further facilitate SYSTEMATIC Growth in Blogging. #### VIEW STORY HERE:##### Triple Olympic champion Usain Bolt has received a brand new Jeep in time for Christmas. The $42 million customized Jeep Wrangler Avorza was cleared at Kingston's Wharves on Tuesday. The sport utility vehicle with leather seats in the colours of the Jamaican flag, also bears Bolt's trademark 'To di worl' logo. Bolt joins other sports stars like boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather who owns the customized ride. Persons utilized social media as a forum to vent on this endeavor showing some respect to the Triple Triple Sprint King. PUBLIC VIEWS Congrats. Please drive safely in it. Also, why is this item making headlines? Next thing you know, the thieves start planning to jack up the guy Nice Mr.Bolt! You work hard for your money, enjoy it as you cant take it with you on that day. This is the Stupidity of a black man. What do you need a 42 million customized Jeep for? I can customize the same Jeep for $70,000 No brainer. An entitled page commented as JAH CURE BOX DOWN saying: Popcorn, alkaline, masicka, jameal, L A lewis, bounty killer, usain bolt a leed right now!! OPINIONIST- DANIEL DANIEL I will just revert to what Andrew michael holness have said when he was backlashed for his multi-million dollar house that every poor man must build his big house Apolitically, i suggest that each person or citizen should utilize this act as a source of motivation to achieve an education hence working hard to their ultimate goal This will negate the high level of poverty and violence within our country, especially those that are stemmed from domestic disputes. On a wrap, always look to find the positive in every situation, a positive mind bring positive outcome. so a man thinketh, so a man achieve Peace on you Remember to subscribe for more videos. Follow on Facebook @ CokeSpiritPro. @Amelia Fire Slim Hall Follow on Instagram @ cokespiritproductions Follow on Twitter@ Coke Spirit Follow on SoundCloud @ Follow on Snapchat @ cokespirit


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