Coarse Facial Hair Removal on Sensitive Skin // Easy, Pain Free & Cheap!

Coarse Facial Hair Removal on Sensitive Skin // Easy, Pain Free & Cheap!

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Watch as I use Olay Facial Hair Removal Duo to remove the hair on my face. I actually let my hair grow as long as I could to prove how well this product works! I have sensitive skin, but coarse hair. Sometimes products can be too harsh and irritate my skin or too light which doesn't fix the hair problem. I suggest before diving right in to the method that I used, that you try the light to medium first and the suggested method/instructions from the box. I got mine from eBay (new obviously). They do sell this product in most Drugstores (Target, Walmart, Walgreens ETC), but a little pricey for cheapy me. The most inexpensive one exists in a double pack I've found at Big Lots. The one where I lived closed though :( There is a Dupe for this product at Cvs I would say is comparable to the light formula maybe even less harsh. It doesn't work as good to cost the same. If you miss a spot wait a day and do it later to avoid irritation Please be sure to wait a couple days and start exfoliating your face. If you have coarse hair are prone to ingrown hairs/hyper-pigmentation. You want to exfoliate following the hair removal process to keep those pores clean. Trusttt me. I've learned this over time. Products Used: Olay Facial Hair Removal Duo - Up&UP Deep Cream Cleanser (Dupe for Clean&Clear) - Up&UP Black Head Scrub (Dupe for Clean&Clear)- in store only (target) Gentle Cleanser (Cetaphil Dupe) - Family Dollar Face Brush - (a gift) You can use a manual face brush to exfoliate. They sell them at your local dollar store. I also use to use exfoliating sponges (look kind of like eggs). If you ever dislike a video please state why in the comments so that I can improve. Thanks! Also if you like the video pressing the like (thumbs up) helps my video and me out a ton! Music: DJ Quads - Legend (instumental) FOLLOW ME ⇊ Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr (Ask Me Questions) | SHOP With ME⇊ Website: eBAY: Poshmark : Camera | Canon t5i Editing Software | iMovie

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