Award-Winning Footage Of The Microsopic World Around Us

Award-Winning Footage Of The Microsopic World Around Us

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This year’s Nikon Small World Motion Photomicrography Competition has given us a fascinating glimpse into the realm of the extremely tiny. Watch a flea giving birth and a zebrafish embryo developing its complex nervous system. And that’s just the start. Learn more about this year's submissions: Check out the gallery page: ------------------------------------------------------ Science Insider tells you all you need to know about science: space, medicine, biotech, physiology, and more. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: Science Insider on Facebook: Science Insider on Instagram: Business Insider on Twitter: Tech Insider on Twitter: ------------------------------------------------------

How Microscopic Hunters Get Their Lunch

On this week's journey, we explore the ways things eat in the microcosmos, from Stentors filter feeding to Dileptus hunting down and absorbing its prey. Follo

Top 10 Most Astonishing Electron Microscope Pics In The World

Top 10 Most Astonishing Electron Microscope Pics In The World 🔬Get your Electron Microscope: Help SPOOF reach 1k subs: 💞https://g

Why Scorpion Venom Is So Expensive | So Expensive

The deathstalker is one of the most dangerous scorpions on the planet, and what makes it so dangerous also happens to be the most expensive liquid in the world.

5 "Impossible" Things That Can Happen On Other Planets

A lot of things happen on Earth, but there are still some things that just don't ever happen here. But, that doesn't mean that what's impossible here is impossi

How To Find Water Bears

Let's do a fun science experiment! We're going to learn how to find Water Bears. Join me to learn about these awesome microscopic creatures! Tardigrades, also

Sleep Experts Debunk 15 Sleep Myths

Two sleep experts debunk 15 of the most common myths about sleep. They explain that boredom, alone, doesn’t make you tired and that you should get out of bed

Amazing Science Toys/Gadgets 1

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50 Images Taken with a Scanning Electron Microscope

50 Images Taken with a Scanning Electron Microscope. Subscribe to The Cryptic Compendium now for more videos on a variety of subjects. Focussing mainly on the

The Secret Life of Plankton

New videography techniques have opened up the oceans' microscopic ecosystem, revealing it to be both mesmerizingly beautiful and astoundingly complex. Marine bi

Why This Watch Costs Over $450,000

Mr. Pascal Raffy is the current owner of BOVET, a legacy watchmaking company based in Switzerland. BOVET is famous for creating intricate and complex timepieces

20 Things You DON'T Want To See Under A Microscope

20 Things You DON'T Want To See Under A Microscope Help SPOOF reach 10k subs: 💞 💞 The world around us is definitely wonderful and w


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Winners - Microscope Photos - 2017 Nikon Small World Contest

The 20 Best Microscope Photos from the 2017 Nikon Small World Contest The Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition. Now in its 43rd year The 2017 compet

A microscopic look at why the world is running out of sand

Humans are using more sand than the Earth is naturally producing, and that’s a problem for the global construction industry. But it turns out that the usefuln

Why Parmesan Cheese Is So Expensive | So Expensive

A wheel of parmesan cheese can cost over $1,000. A single wheel takes at least one year to age, 131 gallons of milk to make, and it can only be made in a restri

Comparing Microorganism Size Under the Microscope

In this video, I visually compare the size of different common microorganisms in order to convey the diversity of size as well as magnitude. Camera: Nikon D33

The Most Extreme Complex Life in the World

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These 9 facts about space will blow your mind

Space is so unfathomably large and so unbelievably weird, that it can sometimes be difficult to convey basic facts. For example, you can fit all of our solar sy

Travel Deep Inside a Leaf - Annotated Version | California Academy of Sciences

Please turn on subtitles with the CC (Closed Captions) button to see the explanatory annotations designed for educators. Transcript of closed captions: 0:05:
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