Don't Ride Off The Plank Into the Painful Punishments!!

Don't Ride Off The Plank Into the Painful Punishments!!

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Team Edge Merchandise! ➡ Whodunnit!? | Don't Get Dropped Off the Ledge!! ➡ 🔽MORE LINKS BELOW 🔽 Razor! - Get some merch! - Hey guys! In this challenge, we ride a razor scooter, Razor Jetts, and a Runt bike! Under the plank, there is super messy and painful stuff like cake, Lego's, and even mousetraps! Let us know what we can fall into next! Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡ More Team Edge Challenge Videos! Season 1 Challenges! ➡ Season 2 Challenges! ➡ The Edge Games San Diego 2016 ➡ J-Fred ➡ Bryan ➡ On this channel, you'll see a bunch of family friendly, kid friendly fun challenges, board games, toys, bottle flipping, giant sports, gross food tasting, messy challenges, nerf challenges, and more! Mail Box: 24307 Magic Mtn Pkwy #211 Valencia, CA 91355 Twitter ➡ Instagram ➡ Challenges ➡ Tuesday - Friday

King Of The GIANT Slippery Slope!!

Team Edge Merchandise! ➡ Edgeland! | Battle for The Trophy! ➡

Sumo Suit Parkour Battle!

Team Edge Merchandise! ➡ Stupid Sumo Battle!! ➡ 🔽MORE LINKS B

Don't Let the Giant Water Balloon Hit You Below the Belt!

Team Edge Merchandise! ➡ World Record GIANT Skee Ball!! ➡ 🔽MORE LINKS BELO

500 lb GIANT Jenga! 😱

Assemble The Paintball Gun Before You Get Hit!! ➡ Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡

Gross Taco Punishment Challenge!!

Soda Dump Challenge!!➡ Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡ 🔽MO

Handball Ping Pong!!

Playing Spikeball with WALLS!! ➡ Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡

Table Cloth PULL Challenge!!

In this challenge, we pull table cloths and try to keep all the objects standing on the table! GIANT Finger Football Challenge!! ➡

Egg Dodgeball Challenge!!

Tackle The Person In The Snowman!! ➡ Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡

Trampoline Volleyball Challenge!!

In this challenge, we leap into a crazy game of Trampoline Volleyball! Two teams, two trampolines, and only one winner! Velcro Wall Challenge!! ft. | Megan Bat

Don't Let the Bomb Explode Challenge!!

Team Edge Merchandise! ➡ Don't Sledgehammer your Employee's Expensive Items!! ➡

These HOT Wings Will BOIL Your Insides!!

Team Edge Merchandise! ➡ GIANT Pancake Art Challenge!! ➡ 🔽MOR

GIANT Wheel Of Misfortune!!

This video is sponsored by Grossery Gang, click here to check them out! ➡ The Metallic Truck is our favorite! ➡

10 Of The Most CRINGE Products We Found Online!

10 Products To Get REVENGE On Your Frenemies! ➡ 10 of the Tiniest Weapons that Actually Work! ➡ I

Extreme Gator Golf Challenge!!

In this challenge, we play the throwback game Gator Golf! After we hit our ball into the gators mouth, we must hit Bobby with the golf ball! Crocodile Finger C

Mario Kart BATTLE In Real Life!! ft: Markiplier!

Markipliers "Backwards Action Challenge" ➡ Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡

Uno ATTACK Challenge!!

Floor is Lava Challenge!! ➡ Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡

Don't Get SCARED Challenge!!

Tube Table Tennis Challenge!! ➡ Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡

Who Done It? | Messy Mafia!!

Hey Guys! Which was your favorite food explosion? Who was your favorite player? Let us know down below!! Go check out Wimps Try Bootcamp for a Day!!: https://yo

Weaklings Try Scottish Strongman Games!!

Team Edge Merchandise! ➡ Giant What's in the Box! | Face Edition!! ➡ 🔽MORE

GIANT Box Pyramid Climb!!

Edgeland | Dangerous GIANT Board Game!! ➡ To Team Edge! ➡ https
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