Top 5 Qualities of a GREAT Sprinter!

Top 5 Qualities of a GREAT Sprinter!

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What makes a great sprinter? Watch this video to learn what common traits all elite sprinters have in general that make them so fast. Follow me on instagram: SplitSecondSpeed Like my Facebook Page: Contact me(business):

Olympic Finalist at 19 years old in the 400m, London 2012

Steven Solomon Workout Any Day Film by Runner's Tribe Part 1 of 2 Music by The Passion HiFi (c) used with permission for Runner's Tribe Directed, Filmed, Edit

Stretching/Flexibility Routine for Track Sprinters

This stretching and flexibility routine with help you sprinters run faster times on the track! Injury prevention is so important and this will also help you rec

Usain Bolt Strength & Conditioning Workout 2018 | Athletes Training

Usain Bolt Conditioning and Strength Workout 2018 | Athletes Training

Can ANYONE be a Sprinter? - QnA with 125lb / 56kg Pure Sprinter Justin Poulson

So I race with this kid Justin Poulson, he is 125lb / 56kg and is basically a pure sprinter. I invited him up to my house to ask him the question, CAN ANYONE BE


This video demonstrates proper form of the running stride. See the full coaching page: Access all of NYRR's free resources at runningstar

Speed Science 1: what makes you fast or slow?

Here is some supporting evidence for the video. The graph found at the link below shows a model of vertical ground reaction force when the same athlete runs at

Sprint Training | How Strong Do Sprinters Need To Be?

How strong do sprinters need to be to run fast? Find out how strong you need to be to maximize your sprint training and run as fast as possible. Sprint Trainin

How To Time Your 100m Sprint Alone With Sprint Stopper App

Watch former Hampton University track & field sprinter Quincy Neal demonstate how to use Sprint Stopper to time long dIstances Twitter :

Secrets of elite athletes | Kenn Dickinson | TEDxSnoIsleLibraries

This talk was given at a local TEDxSnoIsleLibraries event and produced independently of the TED Conferences. Kenn Dickinson, former basketball athlete and busin

Track & Field Weightlifting Workout for POWER- Offseason Session A

This weightlifting workout is great for sprinters and track athletes alike in any distance 400 meters and under. This is to be performed during the offseason to


Great Stadium stair workout today for explosive power in your sprint and vertical jump! Finished it off with some lateral speed work using a 5-10-5 drill and ti

Worst Things to do Before a Run | 4 Common Mistakes

Here are 4 of the worst things to do before heading out of the door for a run - and what you should do instead. COACHING & TRAINING PLANS Email me at harryruns

Acceleration vs Maximum Velocity Sprinting | Differences and Similarities in Movement and Technique

This presentation will cover the mechanical differences and commonalities between acceleration and maximum velocity sprinting. Social Media: Facebook - http://

Why It's Almost Impossible to Run 100 Meters In 9 Seconds | WIRED

Usain Bolt is "the world's fastest man" because he has the record for the 100 meter sprint at 9.58 seconds. But could runners go faster? WIRED's Robbie Gonzalez

Workout Wednesday: Inside Houston Sprints' Pre-Race Routine

Carl Lewis leads his elite sprint squad in their pre-race routine. Website: Subscribe: Get the FloSports iOS ap

How to improve your start | Usain Bolt

#usainbolt #training #blockstart

The Sprinter Factory

These are the girls running as fast as they can to be Jamaica’s new sprint champions in a country obsessed with its athletes. This is the story of the Champs

Tempo Workout Tips From Sprinter Champion Antwon Dussett

Get inspirational workout and master tips at In this video, Meet Antwon Dussett, a 41 year old master s

The Ultimate Guide on Sprints (Become Lean, Powerful, and SHREDDED)

What’s going on gainsters ! Happy to be back and spreading the gains (: In this video we cover SPRINTS Sprints are what separates the beast from the average

How to Breathe while Running - Proper Technique!

Learn how to breathe when running from an experienced track and field athlete. Here are two quick exercises that will show you the Natural way to control breath

Top 10 Fastest Men in the 100m

Compilation the fastest men in history to ever run the 100m dash. Fastest Men: 10. Richard Thompson 9. Christian Coleman 8. Steve Mullings 7. Maurice Greene 6.

Track Sprinter Weight Lifting: In-Season | Lower Body

Here's a great lower body weight lifting workout for you sprinters out there looking to increase your speed and explosion without risking muscle pulls, wear, an

How Much Do Professional Runners Earn?

Have you ever wonder how much can a Professional Runner earn?! This video will give you the answer. Enjoy! Special thanks to,, runnersworl


Now you guys finally can see what my speed is currently like! This run was a bit slow for me, as I am used to being in the high 10s, but I haven't been able to


SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL ►►► It's a cold day in Phoenix, but the athletes are still putting in work. Hear how the athletes feel and

How To Instantly Improve Your 40 Yard Dash Time

This video will help you understand how to improve your 40 yard dash time almost immediately. There is no one exercise you can do that will automatically drop y

Nike Superfly Elite Track Spikes Unboxing & Review

I hope you guys enjoy this review! The Superfly Elite is the best track spike to date in my opinion. As stated in the video, I recommend you order true to size.


Having a solid training split and schedule is extremely important for constant progression. My goals are to get faster, stronger, and leaner so my training spli

How to Improve Your Start | 100m & 40 Yard Dash

This should be a great help to all of you guys looking to improve your start! The same principles apply whether you're running a 100 meter or 40 yard dash. Foll

Track and Field Weightlifting Workout- Offseason Session B

This is another track and field weightlifting workout that you can incorporate during the offseason! This will increase both your power and strength which shoul
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