Is Mom a Toy Spy?

Is Mom a Toy Spy?

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While Miss Lucy is out running errands, Addy and Maya discover some interesting gadgets in the office, including a note about the Toy Master. This could be a chance for the silly kids to find him once and for all. Along their journey, the girls discover that their mom is actually a Toy Spy! Will the family finally discover the secret identity of the Toy Master? You'll have to watch to find out! Music Credits: String Thing by Hill Jasmine by Mike Arnoult Ocean's Ten by Hawksilver Ravin' by Yung Koolade Surprisingly Quirky by Sounds Like Sander Escape by OBOY Kids Who Dance by Fantoms Juggernaut by Matt Wigton Press Play to Start by Atlas Wake Up by Emerson Year Stereo by OBOY Zing Boom by Sounds Like Sander Sunny by OBOY Back to School by Travis Loafman Dog Days by Isaac Joel

A Toy Spy Cotton Candy Cuties Party!

This video is sponsored by Zuru. The Toy Master is back and he's hidden 7 secret boxes stuffed full of secret clues or challenges in order for the girls to hope

Lulu Gives Away Rainbocorns at Toy Cafe

Today, the Toy Cafe owner Lulu is hosting a Rainbocorn Hour at her pretend restaurant! So much fun! There's a big problem though - there's a limit of only 1 fre

8 DIY Giant Unicorn Candy vs Miniature Candy / Amazing Unicorn Dessert Recipes

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Will the TOY MASTER Help Us Escape?

Lucy, Addy and Maya are trying to escape from the CTIA and the pretend Toy Master might be their only hope! Junior Toy Spy Maya decides to hide out in Miss Lucy

3 Marker Halloween Mask Challenge! Fun DIY Game Master Mask!!

Game Master 3 Marker Halloween Mask Challenge! Making Fun DIY Masks!! Subscribe: Check out our New Video:

Kids Variety Show ~ Smurfs: The Lost Village ~ Starring Addy & Maya ~ Episode #1

Welcome to Tic Tac Toy's pilot episode of our new kids weekly variety show starring Addy and Maya! This week, we'll be opening a bunch of toys from the new movi

We CAUGHT The Toy Master!

This video is sponsored by Zuru. Junior Toy Spies Addy and Maya come across some brand new toys while out for a walk in the woods. It's the brand new 5 Surprise

Toy Master Comes to Toy School

Junior Toy Spies Addy and Maya are at the new pretend Toy School learning all about a new collection of toys with Miss Lucy. Their day is quickly interrupted th


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Pretend Toy Store Kid's Video Starring Addy and Maya !!!

Addy and Maya are having a tough time at this pretend Toys R US! They can't seem to find any NEW toys at this store and are beginning to think that it's not a r

We Have A New Toy Scientist Assistant

The pretend Toy Science lab is getting a new assistant today and you might recognize her. Welcome back Miss PaDoodle! Addy, Maya and Toy Scientist Lucy have the

9 Amazing Unicorn Fast Food Recipes

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Two Miss Lucy's at Toy School with Shopkins™ Happy Places

It's a special Shopkins™ Day at Miss Lucy's Toy School today! Thanks to Moose for sponsoring this video. Addy and Maya are dressed up in their costumes and

Crazy Car Store !!! Addy and Maya are FAKE Thieves !!!

The fake Crazy Car Store video series is back and this time, Addy and Maya are pretend car thieves who try to take all of the Power Wheels and Kid Trax ride on

We Made Rainbocorns!

Addy and Maya are teaming up with their friends to help design the perfect new toy! This video is sponsored by Zuru. These kids have all sorts of fun ideas for

Will Cozmo Help Us Become Junior Toy Spies?

Check out Cozmo by Anki using this link: Addy and Maya are out in the woods looking for Toy Spy Lucy's missing package when the girl

Toy Hotel Workers Have Tiny Hands !!!

Addy and Maya have a bad dream that all of the Toy Hotel workers have tiny hands and have to go see the Toy Doctor! Chef Pierre, Bellhop Jason, Housekeeper Nata

Toy Spies at the Beach House

Toy Spy Lucy and the girls, Addy and Maya, are on the lookout for the Toy Master while on a family vacation at the beach house. Will the silly kids and their mo

Fake Toys R Us Worker Sells 50 Fidget Spinners to Addy and Maya!

It's a fidget spinner mega toy haul from our fake Toys R Us toy store! The kids, Addy and Maya, are back and they want to collect all 50 of the crazy fidget spi

Addy and Maya Become Old Ladies

The silly kids have a case of the sniffles so they're off to visit the Toy Doctor Lucy! But things don't go according to plan and they turn into old ladies than
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