Shine Force strikes again, ASMR, shoe shine

Shine Force strikes again, ASMR, shoe shine

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Products used; •Angelus Brand saddle soap •Saphir brand neutral cream polish •Edgeless 365 microfiber rag from The Rag Company •Neutral wax polish from Angelus brand •Black wax polish from Angelus brand •Silicone water repellent from Angelus brand Special thanks to my main shine video guy, Ty. Thanks for the support!

How to shine shoes with various types of leather, 2 for 1 Boot Shine, ASMR

Allen Edmonds "Dalton" boot ~Saddle soap after Angelus de-salter, Allen Edmonds walnut cream polish, and tan Angelus wax polish. Red Wing 8111 boot [not 8114

Martin the Maketh shines at INFINITI of Tucson

Martin the Maketh, dapper_to_debonaire on Instagram, shining my boots at Infiniti of Tucson. Martin shines at our dealership Saturday mornings starting at 9am,

Men's Modern Side Part Pomp Fade With Serious ASMR Triggers

In our latest video from Mens Spa, we have a modern take on a classic look. The crew at Mens Spa take a new twist on the pompadour fade with a hard part. In t

靴磨き選手権2018 優勝・石見豪 the winner of all Japan shoeshine championship, Gou Ishimi

THE WAY THINGS GOの代表であり、靴磨き選手権2018優勝者の石見豪の靴磨き動画です。 撮影時間が取れず、iPhoneで一発撮り

💈 - ASMR - Traditional italian barber - Face scrub, face shave with straight razor and face massage

If you want new videos, please follow the barber's Instagram profile: Beard cut with manual clippers 00:13 H

First Time Chiropractic Adjustment Appointment by Dr. Dana (Female Doctor, Male Patient)

Wellki. Lifestyle. Health. Community. Plain and simple, your body needs to have a period of recovery following a workout, both to give you the rest you deserve

💈 Are You Comfortable Sir? - The Royal Shave with Head Massage at Truefitt & Hill, Mumbai India

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First shine on Ferragamos, best shoe shine in Denver, Shoe Shine, ASMR Get the best microfiber rags and chamois cloths from the friendly staff at The Rag Company. Tell them Dornstar sent you! 📽🎬

Martin the Maketh vs Belvedere

The slap-happy shiner is back to bring new life to this pair of Belvedere shoes. They were so faded and worn I was ready to give up on them, until Martin worked

Proper boot care with the Dornstar, ASMR, shoe shine Get the best microfiber cloths and chamois cloths from the friendly staff at The Rag Company. Special shout out to my new Friend

Just like the days

A close up look at the New Magnanni "Ondara", Shoe Shine

Ondara ~Cuero & Brown Available on Tell them the Dornstar sent ya.

ASMR | Multi-camera | binaural Microphone | 4K | shoe care

Cleaning and conditioning Men's UGG boots with white outsoles. WALT'S LEATHER CREAM My heart goes out to the Nordstrom f

Old Style Italian Barber - Face Shave and Massage - ASMR Binaural

ASMR is also sleep aid, stress and anxiety relief. If you're looking for affordable and convenient therapy, I've partnered with BetterHelp: 👉 https://www.try

Shine bright like a Dornstar, shoe shine, ASMR

Special thanks to the friendly staff at Magnanni Shoes and The Rag Company for their continued pursuit of excellence.


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💈 Classic Old Time Wet Shave by the Guardian Angel of Route 66 – Seligman AZ

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Don Ward: Shoe Shiner Extraordinaire

On the corner of the Avenue of the Americas and 47th Street is a man who doesn't have an office, doesn't have a sharp suit or tie, but...wears a pair of spotles

Cheaney Shoes - advice on styles, lasts and fitting

Martin Grey in our Bow Lane, City of London store, explains the differences between styles. He discusses toe shapes, lasts, key measurements when fitting and gi
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