How to Run a Mile in 6 Minutes or Less!

How to Run a Mile in 6 Minutes or Less!

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FREE pdf - The 5-Minute Glute Workout Running a 6-minute mile is a benchmark for athletes in all kinds of sports. Whether you're running track, cross country or just trying to become a more competitive runner in local 5K running events, the 6 Minute Mark is kind of the standard for milers around the globe. It's because the 6-Minute Mile is a tough thing to do. If you're capable of running a mile in 6 minutes (or less) you are in exceptional shape and probably have put in considerable time and effort to get that good at running 1,600 meters. That's 4 times around a track. Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach & Triathlon Coach Brian Klepacki shares with you his MOST important tips, secrets and training guidelines to help you run a 6 minute mile and become a better runner. As he says, most of this is common sense but frankly, simple is what usually gets the job done in most things. The bigger issue is consistency, goal setting and dedication. If you stick to the suggestions and protocols explained by Coach Brian, you absolutely will dramatically impact your ability to run a mile faster. You will move more efficiently, while reducing fatigue allowing you to finish feeling stronger. And be sure to check out more strength and general health videos from Coach Brian on the CriticalBench Compound channel, #1 Way to UNLOCK Your Tight Hip Flexors Subscribe to Our Channel:

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