SketchUp Extension Inspection: PlaceMaker

SketchUp Extension Inspection: PlaceMaker

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How long does it take you to model a building in SketchUp? Ok, how about a city block of buildings? How about two dozen city blocks, including all streets, sidewalks, buildings, water and trees? If your answer is "More than 6 mouse clicks," then you NEED to check out this episode of Extension Inspection! Check out PlaceMaker on Extension Warehouse:

SketchUp Skill Builder: Reference Images

Have you ever had to model something from reference images, but were not sure of the best way to get set up to start modeling? This Skill Builder will walk you

SketchUp Skill Builder: SketchUp to GoogleEarth

Getting a geolocated SketchUp file into Google Earth is even easier than you think!

SketchUp Skill Builder: Follow Me Arc

If you are not careful, using Follow Me to extrude a shape can cause less than ideal results. Check out this Skill Builder to see how to use Arc and Follow Me t

SketchUp: Solid Tools

SketchUp 2017: What's new?

SketchUp is 3D modeling software that’s easy to learn, fun to use, and incredibly productive. Here’s what’s new in our latest release: SketchUp 2017! Sa

How to create custom tiling material in SketchUp - Skill Builder

Trying to create your own custom floor or tiling? With SketchUp you can import almost any image and use it as a material or texture in your model. Follow along

Can you do that in SketchUp?

“Can you do that in SketchUp?” -- If you can believe it, SketchUp turned fifteen years old this past year. And still, we meet so man

SketchUp Skill Builder: Painting Textures on Curved Surfaces

Follow along as Josh highlights the process of painting textures on curved surfaces in SketchUp. If you've already mastered the application of textures on flat

SketchUp Skill Builder: Modeling a Screw, Part 1

Behold! The humble threaded rod! So simple yet intricate in it's design. Modeling such geometry has long been thought to be a nearly impossible task for the ave

How to Build Stairs in 3D Software - SketchUp

Need to know how to build stairs in your 3D SketchUp models? This video teaches how to build stairs in the 3D software Sketchup. You’ll learn the basic skills

Paste in Place in SketchUp — SketchUp Skill Builder

What's worse than getting 15 minutes into detailing your model and realizing the main portion of your model needs to be resized? Nothing. There is nothing worse

SketchUp Skill Builder: Groups vs Components

What's the difference between groups and components? Why use one over another, and can they really have an impact on file size? Answers to all these questions a

SketchUp Skill Builder: Let's Get Aligned

When it comes to getting the perfect view in SketchUp, it is hard to beat the alignment tools in SketchUp's context menu. For those of you who have not yet used

SketchUp Skill Builder: Reference Images for Architecture

DWGs and DXFs are great, but what do you do when you need to import an image to use as a reference for a drawing? This video covers the ins and out of using ima

Speed Modeling: U.S. Capitol Building

Aaron describes his process for cleaning up a 3D Warehouse model of the U.S. Capitol building to prepare it for 3D printing.

SketchUp Skill Builder: Section Planes

Roses are red, Violets are blue. Rhyming is hard, Section planes are awesome! Check out this video that will fill you in on everything you didn't know you did

Making Drapes with Only Native Tools

By popular demand, Aaron is showing how to go about modeling drapes using only native SketchUp commands. No extensions, no 3DWarehouse, no shenanigans! Just pur

SketchUp Skill Builder: Dodecahedron

We've all been there... You have to create a dodecahedron, from scratch, but your math skills are utterly appalling... What ever can you do? Watch this Skill
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