How to open ports (port forwarding) and/or enable DeMilitarized Zone (DMZ) on your router's firewall

How to open ports (port forwarding) and/or enable DeMilitarized Zone (DMZ) on your router's firewall

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WARNING: Opening up virtual internet access ports to your computer MAY lead to unwanted intrusion by nefarious persons and/or software. As a precaution, you should ALWAYS have a software firewall running, ESPECIALLY if you are setting your computer's local network IP as the DeMilitarized Zone or DMZ. This video will show you how to open up ports (commonly known as port forwarding) on the hardware firewall of your router or how to deem a device connected to your local area network (LAN) as the DeMilitarized Zone or DMZ (essentially opening up all ports). The hardware firewall of your router prevents certain connections from coming into your network - these connections could access vulnerable parts of your network without your permission. However, certain programs or applications, such as video conferencing, voice over IP (VOIP), file hosting, FTP, video games, etc. require access to these vulnerable ports in order to send and receive data over the network and/or internet. This video will show you how to either open up all ports on one specific connected device, or how to open but certain ports on certain devices, which requires more effort but ensures a greater network security.

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