Making aluminum bronze

Making aluminum bronze

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Aluminum bronze is a pretty remarkable alloy. It's harder than copper or aluminum, less corrosive and it work hardens. I made my first batch of the alloy using a 90% copper/10% aluminum mixture in my home foundry furnace. If you missed the link at the end, here is Paul's video

Casting an aluminum bronze hammer

Second installment of casting an aluminum bronze hammer with Paul's Garage. The hammer head gets cast, handle gets made and everything gets put together. I eve

How to Make Aluminum Bronze: Alloying Molten Copper and Aluminum at Home

Today I make some ingots of aluminum bronze in my fire brick furnace! Aluminum bronze is an alloy of copper and aluminum with some pretty amazing characteristi

Free Copper - Copper Bar from a Microwave Oven

Getting free copper is easy, Just find an old microwave oven. Scrap copper is getting harder to find without the old tv's around, but microwaves are everywhere.

Trash To Treasure - Triple Layered ingot - Pouring Copper Bronze Aluminium

So alot of people wanted to see a layered Ingot and here it is completely made from Ugly Dirty Scrap. I release a new video every Friday so dont forget to hit

ALUMINIUM BRONZE SLAG MELTING - How Much Recovery From Remelting Old Slag - Casting Coin Blanks

So i always kept my Aluminium Bronze slag and skimmed stuff in the hope to remelt when i had a heap to extract every bit i could so here is that video where i t

Lost Wax Casting Aluminum Hearthstone Key

First project about lost wax metal casting! This Hearthstone key has been a great way to learn the basic about lost wax and I can't wait to try more stuff with

Bronze: Fabricate Crucible Tongs and Shank and Alloy at Home

Fabrication of crucible tong and shanks for alloying Bronze alloy C932 while racing the kiln. I use 1/8"x3/4" hot rolled steel for the tongs and shank. For the

BIG BRONZE BAR MADE FROM SCRAP - Melting Copper & Aluminium together to make an Aluminium Bronze Bar

I had a pile of scrap pieces and decided to turn them into something beautiful . From scrap crap to a big shiny Aluminium Bronze Bar. And why do they call it Al

Casting an Aluminum Sign, Sand Molding and Finishing | 5k Part 2

This project is to commemorate reaching 5000 YouTube subscribers! In this series I will mill out the pattern on my Platform CNC and epoxy and sand the pattern


So today i make up some Aluminium Bronze and cast No2 & No3 Bigstack Bullion Bars for my collection. 89% COPPER + 11% ALUMINIUM HEATED TILL AROUND 1100 DEGREES

Making 5 Pound Copper Ingots From Scrap

On this videos i'm showing you what i do to some of the copper from my pouring videos. Check out my old video when i was making 5 pound copper ingots 5 years ag

Make Special Parts For Your Motorcycle With Aluminum Casting And 3D Printing

I always wanted to try this... The possibilities are endless! Being able to make something truley unique for your motorcycle really makes me happy :) Also I nev

Making Aluminum Bronze (Part 1): Melting Copper and Aluminum - Looks like GOLD!

Experimenting with DIY Aluminum Bronze. This is the 1st video in this series. Part 2: Part 3: CLICK

Melting Copper - Trash To Treasure - Aluminum Bronze made from scrap copper & Aluminium

Today Ill make a Big Copper and Aluminium Alloy Ingot today better known as Aluminium Bronze. 90% copper & 10% Aluminium by weight. I mix these at the same time

Golden Tomahawk Made from Aluminum Pans and Copper Wire

In this video I make an aluminum bronze tomahawk with an oak handle. Aluminum pans and copper wire were my raw metals that I mixed to make an alloy of 91% coppe

Make a Simple Metal Foundry Using Empty Gas Cylinder.

⭐️Make a Simple Metal Foundry Using Empty Gas Cylinder.⭐️ OR Purchase Your Own From Amazon: http://amz

Metal Casting, Aluminum Bronze and Back to Welding

Nathan rode in from snowy Michigan. Along with Bart we finished casting the bow rollers and cleats for Aluminum Bronze and then Nathan demonstrated once more t

Increasing ingot yield from aluminum scrap

Tried a couple of different suggestions for increasing the yield I get from melting swarf (aluminum shavings from a milling machine). Got a reasonable yield thi

DIY Aluminum Bronze. One of the hardest bronzes!

For one of future projects I need hard bronze, that's why I decided to make Aluminum Bronze. This bronze is one of the hardest! This bronze will consist of 88
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