How fast you have to run in a 2hr Marathon

How fast you have to run in a 2hr Marathon

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I’ve been aiming to make a video about running for a while now, but it’s been very difficult to decide exactly which element of running to focus on. Purely by chance I was in London on the day of the 2017 London marathon, where I watched Daniel Wanjiru storm home to win in a 2:05:48 time. That got me thinking about the 2hr concept and as I knew Nike were attempting it, I thought it would be fun to actually break down and demonstrate exactly HOW FAST the elite runners go. The aim of this little video is a fun way to make you to understand exactly how quick you would need to run, in order to cover 26.2 miles in 2hrs. Couple of people have been asking for KM pace: 6 minute miles = 3:44 per KM 4:34 minute mile = 2:51 per KM Try everything I’ve said at home and see for yourself! Resources: Music: Special thanks: Ed Bignell for driving the mighty Volvo, Valerio Trigari for the fancy camera and shooting, Andrew Coleman for general support. Shoutout to Kieran Clements for pace calculations and helping support the ideas behind this video. Shot with a Fuji XT2, Nikon D300s, GoPro Hero4, Sony RX1003 and Iphone SE. Sound supported with Rode Videomicro.

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