My Subscribers Drew Their Nightmares | Reacting To Them

My Subscribers Drew Their Nightmares | Reacting To Them

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Today I'm reacting to some of the drawings that you sent in to me about your dreams...specifically nightmares! *Vee Vlogs Channel* - *NEW* 80's Weird Side Sweaters: NEW Notification Narwhal Plushies: NEW Unicorn Slime: NEW Mermaid Necklace: NEW Pizza Purses: NEW Unicorn Scarf: NEW Mermaid Makeup Brushes: NEW Mermaid Socks: Follow my YANA Instagram: My Vlog Channel: Click here to become an official channel member: (You get a unicorn badge) Social Media: Instagram: @Jessiivee Twitter: @JessiiVee Facebook: Snapchat: jessiiveesnaps My Other Channels: Vlog Channel: Moot: PO BOX: Jessii Vee #57012 Brampton, Ontario Canada L6Z 0E7 Get a personalized video from me: Get a personalized letter from me:

My Subscribers Drew Their Nightmares AGAIN (Part 2)

Since you guys loved part one so much, I decided to make a part two so more of you got a chance to send me your drawings! My Merch Website: https://jessiiveeme

The Scariest (REAL) Furby Stories!

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The Dark Origins Of The Cheshire Cat

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DO NOT Play These Scary Sleepover Games ...

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Coraline Doors People Found In Real Life

Since you guys seem to love the movie Coraline so much, I thought I'd make a video showing you real life Coraline doors that people found! My Vee Vlogs Channel

People Are Worried About This Grave With A Window

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NEVER Accidentally Step Inside A Fairy Circle

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Reacting To YOUR Ghost Video Submissions

Today I'm going to reacting to the storytimes you guys sent in to me! Meet & Greet Tickets: List of channels shown in the video (In orde

Mother Saw THIS On Her Nanny Cam...

Today I'm going to be showing you guys some weird things that have been caught on security cameras... NEW Mermaid Socks: NEW Notification

Where is Martha Wright? | Creepy Missing Persons Case

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The Man In The Painting Keeps Getting Closer

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I Bought A Stranger's Diary And Regret It...

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You'll NEVER Use A Walkie Talkie Again

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The Stairs In The Woods Phenomenon Everyone Is Worried About

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You've Had These Dreams Before | Most Common Dreams

Here are the most common dreams and what they mean! Support Me On Patreon: My Vlog Channel: Younow: www.younow.

Photos That PROVE You Have Thalassophobia

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I BOUGHT All The Dolls I WARNED You About

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This Place Should Not Exist & People Are Worried

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