How to Make Aluminum Bronze: Alloying Molten Copper and Aluminum at Home

How to Make Aluminum Bronze: Alloying Molten Copper and Aluminum at Home

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Today I make some ingots of aluminum bronze in my fire brick furnace! Aluminum bronze is an alloy of copper and aluminum with some pretty amazing characteristics. It looks like gold, resists tarnishing, work hardens like nobody's business, and i hear it it can run a 5 minute mile. Ok, i may have made that last one up, but it's still pretty awesome. I'm making this alloy for sand casting. My first project will come next week, and aluminum bronze hammer for blacksmithing. I'm doing this alongside fellow youtuber SWDweeb, his alloying video can be found here: I built this furnace and burner, videos available on my channel somewhere. I can't be bothered to find the link. I'm sorry. Ok fine, here's the furnace video Mailing Address: 1818 Milton Ave STE 100 #1973 Janesville, WI 53545-9998 We have a community Discord server. To join, send me an email at, or click here: Follow me on twitter at Instagram: Patreon: Music: "Quirky Dog" by Kevin MacLeod. #metalcasting #foundry

DIY Aluminum Bronze Hammer: Golden hammer for Black Smithing

Today I take the aluminum bronze ingots I made in a previous video ( and turn it into a glorious golden aluminum bronze hammer! I

White Bronze - home melting techniques. High Leaded Bronze production

In some old documentation I've found interesting bronze which was white and made of 40% of copper and 60% of lead. I had both metals, so I decided to make this

Melting scrap aluminum into ingots (110kg or 242lb)

I had 144 kg of scrap aluminum wich I decided to melt down into lingots for future green sand casting. The aluminum was checked for magnesium with vinegar. Sort

Trying Out My new Eastwood English Wheel

Got an English wheel, gonna try using it. Hopefully I don't crush any fingers. I don't lose any blood this time, but it still doesn't go well. I turn some ni

BIG BRONZE BAR MADE FROM SCRAP - Melting Copper & Aluminium together to make an Aluminium Bronze Bar

I had a pile of scrap pieces and decided to turn them into something beautiful . From scrap crap to a big shiny Aluminium Bronze Bar. And why do they call it Al

Brass Pen Holder Lost Wax Casting

More fun with lost wax casting! This time I tried brass. Actually it's my first try ever at melting brass. I like a lot the feel and weight that has! The lady c

How to Make a Fire Brick Metal Foundry Furnace, Part 1: Cutting the Bricks

Today I'm building a better foundry. I use insulating fire bricks, some paper, a simple saw and a block of wood to shape it all. Next time I'll build an enclo

Melting Copper Brass & Aluminium Together - What will happen - Huge Gold Alloy Ingot

In this video i mix a whole heap of copper brass and aluminium to make a really cool gold looking ingot. I only used maybe 8-10% aluminium in this mix as in my

Custom Aluminum Heat shield: Project for my Dad

Recently, my dad told me he wanted a heat shield for something. Lets use far more tools than is necessary to make one! This is a sheet metal project, so I use

Melting 200 aluminium cans

i took my mini metal foundry and melted down 200 aluminium cans into ingots. surprised to see just how much pure aluminium i got!

Making copper the ancient way

This summer we made several experiments reducing malachite (copper carbonate) to genuine copper with blowpipes in open fire pits. Now we know that it is possib

Lost PLA Casting: First Try at Casting 3D Printed Parts in Aluminum at Home.

Today I try to combine my metal foundry activities with my 3D printing activities. You can probably tell from "first try" that things don't go super well. I 3

Bronze: Fabricate Crucible Tongs and Shank and Alloy at Home

Fabrication of crucible tong and shanks for alloying Bronze alloy C932 while racing the kiln. I use 1/8"x3/4" hot rolled steel for the tongs and shank. For the

Making Bronze

Melting copper and tin to make a bronze alloy composed of 90% copper and 10% tin. The bronze will be used for future casting projects, stay tuned! Please cons

FIXED: Make a Match Plate for Metal Casting my 3D Printed Maker Coins

FIXED: turns out the video file was corrupted somehow, now it's better. I hope. Here we go, onto the bronze cast maker coins! maybe later... This match plate

Making aluminum bronze

Aluminum bronze is a pretty remarkable alloy. It's harder than copper or aluminum, less corrosive and it work hardens. I made my first batch of the alloy using

Improving Metal Castings Through Better Gating

Today I try some new things to improve the quality of the surface finish of my metal castings. I also want to reduce inclusions and other flaws, and generally

Making a Metal Melting Furnace (Simple, Effective, Propane)

At the new place I can't just light a stinking coal fire in the backyard like I used to, so I had to find a cleaner and more controlled way of melting aluminium

Golden Tomahawk Made from Aluminum Pans and Copper Wire

In this video I make an aluminum bronze tomahawk with an oak handle. Aluminum pans and copper wire were my raw metals that I mixed to make an alloy of 91% coppe
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