HOW IT WORKS: The International Space Station

HOW IT WORKS: The International Space Station

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This explains each interior area, crew living quarters, and scientific equipment.

Soyuz undocking, reentry and landing explained

How does an astronaut return to Earth from the International Space Station? What does it feel like to re-enter the atmosphere? How does the Soyuz capsule functi

Год на орбите. Посадка

Год на орбите. Посадка ▶Подпишись на канал "Наука": ▶Смотр

Top 10 Sự Thật - Trạm Vũ Trụ Quốc Tế

Tìm hiểu về trạm vũ trụ quốc tế (International Space Station) - Vệ tinh nhân tạo lớn nhất của Trái Đất đang hoạt động! Đăn

HOW IT WORKS: Transmissions

The basic mechanical operation of a gearbox is explained on a drivetrain demonstrating the advantages of gearing, axles, clutch shifting, and the application of

What Happened to Ham in Space? *Sad Story of Ham*

Ham was a normal chimpanzee. Purchased by the US Air Force at the age of 2. He was smart and fast learner compared to others. So NASA decided to launch him in


1986年1月28日,7名宇航員“脫離了大地執拗的束縛飛上天際,親近上帝慈愛的面容。” 美國的航天計劃從此改變。 製作 R

Astronauta de la EEI muestra cómo se bañan en la ingravidez

La astronauta de la Agencia Espacial Europea, Samantha Cristoforetti, mostró cómo la tripulación de la Estación Espacial Internacional desafía la ingravide

HOW IT WORKS: The Backhoe

Driving, excavation, functions, and controls are demonstrated.

Awesome pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope [1080p]

My Facebook page: Some awesome pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope [Full HD 1080p!!!] Galaxies: 1: Arp 273 (0:36)

F-Sim Space Shuttle Landing

My landing of the Space Shuttle Atlantis at the John F. Kennedy Space Center. F-Sim Space Shuttle is a highly-realistic flight simulator for iPhone, iPad, iPod

How does the International Space Station work?

Help me make more videos: The International Space Station is the largest man made object in space. It was built in pieces

Những Sự Thật Thú Vị Về Cuộc Sống Trên Trạm Vũ Trụ ISS - Tốp 5 Lạ Kỳ 🔥🔥🔥

Những Sự Thật Thú Vị Về Cuộc Sống Trên Trạm Vũ Trụ ISS - Tốp 5 Lạ Kỳ 🔥🔥🔥 ---------★★★★★---------- Channel đư

Doing Your Nails and Hair in Space - Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti’s Tips | Video

The ESA astronaut tours the Space Station bathroom and gives a tutorial on how nails are cut, hair is washed, teeth are brushed and more. - Samantha's Space Sta

Astronaut Chris Hadfield and Chef David Chang Test Gourmet Space Food

Support videos like this -- and get a free gift -- by becoming a Tested Premium Member: Jamie and Adam chat with astronaut Chris H

What Happened to Lost Women in Space?

Achille and Giovanni were italian brothers. They were passionate radio operators. In november 1963, they captured a weird signal coming directly from the space.

How Do We Launch Satellites Into Space?

Please Subscribe! Check out more TestTube 101: Most satellites are launched into space on rockets. A satel

Apollo 17: The Untold Story of the Last Men on the Moon (Space Documentary) - Real Stories

The remarkable story of the determination and courage of a generation. A tribute to three brave astronauts and the thousands of men and women behind them during

Soyuz rendezvous and docking explained

This second video in the ‘Journey to the International Space Station’ series follows the Soyuz capsule from Earth orbit to docking with the Space Station.

The Best Guide to Rope Skills

This step by step guide demonstrates tying 15 types: 00:36 Overhand 01:22 Square 02:36 Figure Eight 03:40 Bowline, 05:29 Running 06:19 Half, 07:45 Timber, 0

Mind Blowing HD Space Station Documentary

Amazing documentary about the international space station. The International Space Station (ISS) is a space station, or a habitable artificial satellite, in low
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