World's TALLEST MAN to have ever lived! (Robert Pershing Wadlow)

World's TALLEST MAN to have ever lived! (Robert Pershing Wadlow)

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The world's TALLEST MAN to have ever lived! (Robert Pershing Wadlow) Robert Wadlow, known as the 'Gentle Giant' of Alton, Illinois, USA, is widely regarded as the tallest human being of all time (certainly for whom there is irrefutable proof). Wadlow reached a height of 8 feet 11.1 inches and weighed 449 pounds! After a short illness brought on by a faulty leg brace and a subsequent infection, Robert Wadlow died tragically in his sleep at just 22 years of age. (February 22, 1918 -- July 15, 1940) Here is an excellent external link for more information on this extraordinary man, the tallest of all time! The music -- called "Americana" -- was composed by Kevin MacLeod! Visit his website here:

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