DeLauer Responds to Jillian Michaels Keto Attack

DeLauer Responds to Jillian Michaels Keto Attack

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Click Here to Subscribe: Website: My Complete Guide on How to do a Keto Diet: Ketosis & Resting Metabolic Rate Study: Ketosis & Inflammation Study: My Full Keto Playlist: Other Helpful Keto Videos: Keto vs Low Carb: Ketosis & Saturated Fats: Are Saturated Fats Bad: Is Keto Safe: Ketosis vs Ketoacidosis: 4 Easy Tricks to get into Ketosis Faster: How to Measure your Ketones: DeLauer Responds to Jillian Michaels Keto Attack I wasn't even going to do this video. I wasn't going to do a rebuttal video to Jillian Michaels, and I wasn't going to because my parents taught me when I was growing up to always take the high road and remain focused on your mission, and my mission has been to provide amazing educational content for people to change their lives, and not take a step backward just because I need to go to battle with somebody. So, it took a lot for me even to get this far in producing this video, but the fact is I recognize that I have an obligation to my audience. I have obligation to YouTube, and I have an obligation to the people that lean on me for educational content, and rather than doing this to bash Jillian Michaels, or to refute what she's saying, or to fight, I'm doing it to elevate you that are watching this to maybe bring to light some things that you didn't realize that were there with the ketogenic diet. Okay, so, first off, let me breakdown really quick why I don't want to fight with Jillian Michaels, why I don't want to do that. Okay, it's not because I'm a beta male type person, that's not why. I'm not just laying over. I just don't want to deal with something that's already been covered years ago. The things that Jillian is bringing up are things that have been covered through multiple studies and through research years, and years, and years, and years ago. We don't need to revisit that stuff. I don't need to go back to kindergarten and have this like, embryonic very basic rebuttal with her, that just doesn't make sense. I'm focusing on higher level stuff. If you watch my content, we're evolving, we're producing things that are all about elevating keto and optimizing human life. The other thing she talks about is the micronutrient deficiency. She says that when you're on a keto diet, you're losing all kinds of micronutrients. Okay, so, that means that you're not getting the vitamins and minerals that you need. All right, well, if you're eating a balanced keto diet, that's not an issue. Like, not at all. You should be eating the greens, you should be getting these things that are going to get you your vitamins and minerals in, and you should be getting a lot of them. So, if you're not doing the keto diet that way, then you need to readjust anyway. So, quite frankly, she's just brought attention to the fact that people need to be doing the right kind of keto diet. So, she's totally right. If people are just out there just eating bacon and cheese, and stuff like that, then honestly, it's not good for them. She's not incorrect, okay, that's definitely the thing. So, I don't want to say that she's doing anything wrong there. She's actually bringing attention to something that needs to have attention brought to. Now, I don't want to go to each study on weight loss, and yada yada yada. That's just, okay, it's been done already. I've seen all the videos. The main thing that I want to talk about is when it comes down to weight loss, if you want to keep the weight off, it's all about your resting metabolic rate. Okay, here's an example I've given in a lot of videos. If you are a 200 pound person, and you lose 50 pounds, your metabolism is going to reduce to the amount of you being basically 150 pounds, right. Well, the cool thing with the keto diet is your resting metabolic rate doesn't change. The Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism published a study that found that test subjects that lost 40 pounds ended up having the same metabolic rate as they did before they lost the weight, whereas most people when they lose weight, their metabolism's slowing down. So, there's no change in resting metabolic rate with the keto diet, proving that it's one of the best ways to lose weight and keep it off. So, as always, keep it locked in to my videos, keep forward thinking, elevate yourself, take the high road, disregard her, and move on with your own life. As always, keep it locked in here in my channel. I'll see you in the next video.

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