Only 3 Exercises to Hit Every Muscle in Your Body

Only 3 Exercises to Hit Every Muscle in Your Body

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Sometimes a workout can get a bit confusing with all these exercises targeting different groups of muscles. In fact, you don't need hundreds of different exercises and use every single fancy-looking piece of equipment. Few people know that if you want to build muscles all over your body, it's enough to know just 3 exercises and do them correctly. Other videos you might like: 19 Foods to Build Muscle and Gain Weight Faster The Only 10 Exercises Men Need to Bulk Up 6 Mistakes You Keep Doing at Trainings TIMESTAMPS: #1. Ab wheel roller exercises 0:17 - How to perform the exercise correctly 1:09 - The most common mistakes 2:25 #2. Jumping 2:49 - Vertical jumps 3:18 - Long jumps 4:16 #3. Rope climbing 4:55 What should you eat 6:15 Do you progress? 8:05 Reached a plateau? Change your workout routine! 8:30 Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - The great thing about the ab wheel roller is that this device helps you to strengthen tons of different muscles. Every time you do an ab wheel rollout, you work more than 20 muscles! - Your bottom shouldn't sag toward the ground during the exercise. You need to keep your back (from head to tailbone) as straight as you can. - Roll out slowly and steadily. Your arms should be straight and even — this will help you prevent the wheel from spinning out of control. - Jumping challenges your nervous system, makes you stronger, and improves your endurance and athletic abilities. - Your vertical jump will be the highest if you jump off 2 feet. This way, the strength of your legs will literally push you off the ground. - Before doing long jumps, it's better to find out which is your dominant foot and leap off it. The best place to practice long jumps is a sandpit so you can avoid injuries. - When you climb a rope, you work muscles all over your body. This exercise not only develops your upper body but also improves your coordination and agility. - To build muscle, you should eat 4–5 times a day. Make sure you have 2 to 3 hours between your meals. This way, your body will always have some energy to build muscle. - Remember to eat a lot of vegetables throughout the day. Spinach contains glutamine, which is excellent for growing lean muscle. Brussels sprouts are packed not only in protein but also in fiber. - Specialists advise that you do not train for longer than one hour if you want to build muscle mass. - If you feel you've reached a plateau where you’re not seeing any progress, start to change your rep range every 4 weeks. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: Photos: East News ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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