Gymnasts' Reactions: Disappointment, Joy, Tears, Anger... (Part 1)

Gymnasts' Reactions: Disappointment, Joy, Tears, Anger... (Part 1)

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This is not a hate video.

Medal Routines On Women's Uneven Bars EF - London 2012 Olympics

All rights belong to NBC Olympics Gold: Aliya Mustafina (RUS) Silver: He Kexin (CHN) Bronze: Beth Tweddle (GBR)

Falls, Falls, Falls...


TOP 10 Contenders for 2024 Olympics

TOP 10 Contenders for 2024 Olympics : • Konnor McClain, Sydney Morris, Sydney Barros, Madison Ulrich, Kaliya Lincoln, Annie Beard, Mya Witte, Mia Viola, Li

The Final Five | Hold on

Here's an edit I've been working on for ages of the Final five!❤ Hope you enjoy it!😊 All rights go to NBC

Gymnast Olga Korbut charms the World - Faster, Higher, Stronger - BBC Two

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#Throwback Aliya Mustafina at 11 years old

2007 friendship classic

Specialists That Failed to Deliver (Part 2)

Part 1 Video credits: He Kexin 2010 Q 2008

★Aliya Mustafina★ Unstoppable

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Is Vault the Most Dangerous Event?

Video credits: https://www.y

USA vs. Russia || Team Finals

Song: Two Steps from hell - Protectors of the Earth

Who Would've Won? Simone VS Kyla VS Aliya (CoP 2017-20 D-Score)

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Thank you to Xiaocai Falls, for the idea.
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