Forging a Bronze-Age Sword

Forging a Bronze-Age Sword

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How to craft a replica of an Irish bronze-age shortsword. This was a course run by Follow Ancient Recitations for extra content on Facebook:

Forging a Bronze Age style sword, the complete movie.

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Dagger Making - Skyrim: Forging a Real Iron Dagger (Made of Steel)

By far one of my favorite videos I've made editing wise. I've come to not care as much about the length of my videos as I used to, for the following reason: As

Дамаск из цепи полный процесс (ножи)

Процесс ковки ножа из мотоциклетной цепи. На режущей кромке сталь у8, зонная закалка 62 е

Forging a wild Damascus Viking sword, the complete movie.

Forging a wild Damascus Viking sword, the complete movie.

5 Most Famous Swords In History

Some of the most iconic, famous and legendary swords from throughout our history. Please subscribe to support more videos! Music:


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Forging a pattern welded sword, the complete movie.

Forging a pattern welded sword, the complete movie.

How to Forge a Farrier Rasp Tomahawk - Camp Hawk

Hey everyone! Here's the final rasp tomahawk for a while, this one is made of an entire rasp instead of just half of one. I've seen full-rasp tomahawks before,


This sword belongs to Ancient Greek or spartan Armoury. These types of swords were built to hold them in one hand and the classic blade was generally about 50

Blacksmithing - Iron smelting and forging a poor bloom

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Making a viking style battle axe

Facebook page Found an old axe head in the shed so I decided to make it into something different. The w

Casting a Bronze Dagger From The Game Skyrim (Valdr's Lucky Dagger)

First of thank all you new people that came from the alec steele channel, you are all welcome... Today i did my first bronze casting and wow that was not esay :

The building of Alrekr

With the musical stylings of Craig Peters: My Patreon Page: #biggiantswords

Blacksmith Forging a Kukri Knife From a Lawnmower Blade With No Power Tools

After the lawnmower blade Kopis, I really wanted to try forging a Kukri using the same method. So here's the short version of making a Kukri with half of a law

How to make a Wooden Katana from hardwood flooring // Woodworking

I was inspired to make a wooden katana using left-over hardwood flooring! Subscribe to my channel: Second Channel:

Forging a Damascus Viking sword part 1.

Forging a Damascus Viking sword part 1.

Casting a Bronze Sword

Get $25 off your first order now at Before moving on to casting my own bronze weapons, I took some time to learn from a more experi

Making a Quillon Dagger

Thank you to Yoo Sik Ro, who provided all the music in this video. You can find his channel here: and his website here: ht

Forging A Knife From A Coil Spring

Forged from a coil spring a knife is. Creative problem solving is undertaken, I'm firing my makeup person and have you seen these new tomatoes they're growing?

Forging Mehrunes' Razor

See my site for my work: Most of the music in this video was played by lutenist Trond Bengtson. Check out his channel, here: https://www.
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