Best-ever street head massage and neck cracking by poor Indian barber | ASMR | SUBTITLES available

Best-ever street head massage and neck cracking by poor Indian barber | ASMR | SUBTITLES available

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I uploaded the second part of this video today must watch it too by visiting channel video. This video I filmed one day before, and today I'm in Bokaro to visit A holy place ' Rajruppa temple ' . Actually after along time me and Ravi ASMr conclave went somewhere to just chill and in a talks , he discuss about him that there is a barber who is good in barbering skills but due to his poverty , he always live in stress and after having lunch , I told him to take me there , just want to see his shop and will visit some other day but Ravi was forcing me to have his massage once, when we went to his shop , he was not there. I waiting in my car for 15mints but he didn't came . I told Ravi come back but as he was coming towards car , he saw that he was coming with a bucket of water. Ravi told him for massage and he denied as he said that he is not feeling well But Ravi said to him that he will earn a good money , if he will give massages to me becoz he also knew that I give good tip to my barbers. Barber got agreed . I talk to him first and just had look once to all the things of his shop and trust me guys every thing of his shop was arranged from somewhere becoz he can't afford things. I started taking massage from him and I found him feeling guilt that his shop is not proper for us , pieces of broken tiles was coming again n again to his feets , which was giving annoying sound and ruining the ASMR. From very time , I had a plan of charity and I had a thought that when ever I will get a true and poor needy barber , I will give him whatever , I will be having in my pocket and doesn't matter how much , I will be having , if It would be 300$ , no issues , I will donate , that word I promised with myself . And I was so happy to see his honesty that he was not taking the money. Guys,this poor barber needs help . I gave him approx 100$ but it's not enough to develop his shop. If any one wants to help him . YOU CAN GIVE YOUR SUPPORT ON PAYPAL link - AND ALSO IN GOOGLE PAY / PHONE PAY BY USING THIS NUMBER 8340738715 hope you like this vlog and head massage , if you want me to visit him again and complete my today's massage , comment me . I will visit. and Don not forget to subscribe my channel to get regular notification updates of my new videos and also do not forget to give your feedback. thanks for watching and commenting on my video. Wish for your happiness. Stay blessed all. goodnight and sweet dreams Indian barber Tez #streetheadmassage #headmassage #reikimaster

Complementary head massage with beard shave, face massage and neck cracking by Reiki master.

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