Forging Mehrunes' Razor

Forging Mehrunes' Razor

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See my site for my work: Most of the music in this video was played by lutenist Trond Bengtson. Check out his channel, here:

Forging a Skyrim Dagger Using Only Hand Tools

Hey guys, this was a super fun build! make sure you @ me or use the hashtag #skyrimchallenge when you upload photos of your work! More to come, make sure you s

Forging a medieval sword, the complete movie.

This video shows the forging and making of a late medieval sword from 5160 steel. It is the complete movie. The entire process of forging, hardening and constr

Knife build. Bowie from Rasp and Antler

This knife is sold, but you can email me at to see what I have available. The rasp blade, 5160 guard, and antler handle definitely st

простые штуки - МЕЧ ИЗ ПОДШИПНИКА

Заточи свой нож до бритвенной остроты

Blade Bebut from Damascus steel Manufacturing process

The process of making blade Bebut from Damascus steel. How a mask was made for etching a decorative pattern can be viewed at the link:

✔ DiResta Aluminum Hatchet Handle

Few Things I know already About this Hatchet; it is too heavy, the balance is off, it will shatter, the sheath should have rivets, the head will cut through the

Forging a Falcata sword, the complete movie.

Forging a Falcata sword, the complete movie.


DAMASCUS 1000 LAYER CHALLENGE Part #2 In this video I will attempt to forge weld 1000 layers of Damascus fr

Forging a Cthulhu cultist dagger, the complete movie.

the making of the Cthulhu cultist dagger from beginning to the end.

Dagger Making - Skyrim: Forging a Real Iron Dagger (Made of Steel)

By far one of my favorite videos I've made editing wise. I've come to not care as much about the length of my videos as I used to, for the following reason: As

Hobbit Mace - Hand Forged by Doug Lockhart

We were recently commissioned to reproduce a replica weapon from the movie "Hobbit" as follows: "Azog's primary weapon is his war mace. A primitive but brutal w

Blacksmithing - Forging a flatter

In this video I show how to forge a flatter. Check out my recommended tools/gear: If you like my videos you can supp


Watch me make a Machete using one of the many old crosscut saw i own. To shape the machete i use my new Baeumont Belt Grinder The Handle is made from ziricote w

Forging a Bronze-Age Sword

How to craft a replica of an Irish bronze-age shortsword. This was a course run by Follow Ancient Recitations for extra content

Forging a gun barrel

This is my first attempt at forging a gun barrel as a colonial gunsmith would have. It's forged from a section of a wrought iron tire off a wooden wagon wheel.

Forging a Dagger From an Old File

Discord - Website - Music - https://w

Blacksmithing - Forging a bearded axe

I show how I make a bearded axe (viking style). Check out my recommended tools/gear: If you like my videos you can s

Making a Quillon Dagger

Thank you to Yoo Sik Ro, who provided all the music in this video. You can find his channel here: and his website here: ht

Forging a Persian dagger, the complete movie.

Forging a Persian dagger, the complete movie.

Razor Making Overview, From Start To Shaving

In this video cover all the steps involved with making a straight razor. I start with raw stock then forge and grind my way to a completed razor. I tried to inc
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