How To Avoid The Free Perfume Scam

How To Avoid The Free Perfume Scam

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How To Avoid A Photo Op/Money Op Scam

Conor navigates through the Jamaa El Fna, the largest square of Africa, dodging Gnawa dancers and snake charmers who take your money before you know what's happ

Real Life Scam: Homeless Man | The Real Hustle

#HomelessScams #PaulWilson #ConArtists Don't forget to Subscribe - And for more on The Real Hustle, check out our Facebook page -http://w

Dollar Rent a Car Gas Receipt Scam

Consumers are angry about Dollar Rent a Car's hidden fees and charges. Even if you return your rental car with a full tank of gas, you could be charged if you d

How To Avoid A Restaurant Scam

If you think you're lucky to get the last table at this restaurant, think again. Restaurants near these big tourist attractions will milk you for all you've got

This Man Just Made a Huge Mistake!

■ SRI LANKA, BANDARAWELA: After a mini stroll around the little Sri Lankan mountain top town of Bandarawela, I stumbled upon an epic little street barber shop

Moving company scams: What you need to know. (CBC Marketplace)

Movin' Day Showdown | Originally broadcast October 11, 2013. »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos:

Beware The Thai Gem Scam

Conor is targeted by one of Thailand's oldest scams. He is repeatedly told to visit the Export Centre to take advantage of the annual sale. There, he should buy

This is what happens when you reply to spam email | James Veitch

Suspicious emails: unclaimed insurance bonds, diamond-encrusted safe deposit boxes, close friends marooned in a foreign country. They pop up in our inboxes, and

25 Tourist Scams You Should Watch Out For This Summer

No matter where you’re going, most likely there will be someone there happy to scam you. Whether its the cashier at the corner store, the old lady sitting on

Scam artist collecting money gets caught

Scam artist collecting money gets caught

Christians Pickpocketed At Israel's Holy Sites

Conor Woodman discovers the holy city of Jerusalem, where scam artists have been perfecting their craft for thousands of years. From fake holy men at the Wester

The Perfume Scam

The Real Hustle team show how easy it is to scam unsuspecting shoppers out of loads of money by selling them fake perfumes.

How To Avoid An Antique Carpet Scam

If you're in the market for some traditional tribal rugs or crafts, you don't want to do business with these gentlemen. They'll say anything to get your money!

Scamming you! | Fuel station scam Indian Oil NEWS | Scammer Busted | Indian Scammer

HeyYo Guys, How Y'all doing? Well this clip is about me when I was getting scammed and cheated but fortunately, it was not possible in my case.. So I decided t

How To Avoid A Taxi Scam

Don't get scammed by this chatty taxi driver! Conor's taxi driver, a self-proclaimed Malandro, distracts him with the sights of Rio and tries to convince him th

SAVED FROM A SCAMMER in India (Beggar Scam Exposed)

Beggars in India will approach you all day long with a scam where they ask you to buy them expensive food items from a nearby supermarket. Find out exactly what


When a scammer asks for my credit card number I pretend my wife won't give it back to me. I play the part of the wife ;) Crazy what happens next! Learn more

Scam in Paris

Paris Europe scam fraud tourist

London's Worst Tourist Traps (AVOID!)

Traveling to London? These are the worst tourist traps in London to avoid on your visit. If you're planning to visit places like Leicester Square, which is a MA

I Worked for a Nigerian Scam!

I nearly fell for a check scam when selling some furniture online. I decided to dig deeper and learned that the scammer was actually from Nigeria. In this video
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