ESO | Magdk 54k trial build Murkmire

ESO | Magdk 54k trial build Murkmire

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Hi there, it's been a while huh? Gear: 5 Spell Strategist (3 arcane jewels, infused fire staff) 5 Mantle of Siroria 2 Zaan 1 vMA fire staff infused All max magicka glyphs fire glyph on spell strat bar and shock on vMA bar Mundus: Thief CP: Elfborn - 61 Elemental Expert - 56 Spell Erosion - 24 Staff Expert - 19 Master-at-Arms - 66 Thaumaturge - 44 Rotation Eruption - Trap - Barswap - Engulfing - Burning - Barswap - Blockade - Barswap - Six whips - Engulfing - Burning - Barswap - Blockade - FoO - Barswap - Three whips ( two and elf drain if solo testing). Sustain If you need to cast spell symmetry the do it after the first blockade in the rotation and do Five whips instead of Six. If this still isn't enough or you are afraid of using spell symmetry too much incase you die then you can also use an absorb magicka glyphs on your vma bar. If sustain issues persist maybe because you are new to the class or your buffs aren't up 100% or cp then you can swap out one of your damage sets for a sustain set, bloodthorn I would have to say is the best for this as it procs all the time, Magnus' gift set works and so does seducer. Sets If you don't want to farm or waste a tonne of gold spell strat then other set will work to a close degree but not as good. bsw, julianos, sun, 🤢elfbane🤢 can and will work. if you are in a fight where you are moving too much to track siroria then I recommend scathing mage. Skills Lava whip obviously does the most damage, but if you struggle to weave it then you can use the Psyjic spammable, Elemental weapon, or Force pulse from the destruction skill line

The Elder Scrolls Online Brief and Basic; Magicka Dragonknight Rotation

In this video we'll be putting the written description of the Mag DK's rotation in action, demonstrating what to aim for. This is a bit longer than other video

Nirn versus Infused Main Hand for Stamina DPS in Murkmire

With the change to Weapon Skills now proccing Berserker, we saw a shift in enchants and traits for stamina DPS. Traditionally, we've gone with Nirnhoned on the

Magicka Dragonknight Build PvE "Valakas" - Summerset Chapter ESO

Magicka Dragonknight Build PvE "Valakas" - Summerset Chapter ESO Written Guide: â—Ź All Sets: https://e

(ESO) simple Magdk pvp build+Small gameplay clips, NERFMIRE DLC

I do not own music to this video, copyrights belong to their respective owners. Songs: Paramore-Emergency Likin park-papercut SHAREfactory™

Dragonknight Overview and Skills showcase - Elder Scrolls Online

Showcase and explanation of all Skills of the Dragonknight class. Check the full description for more info on current builds used in one tamriel! Check out my w

ESO| StamDK 90k+ Trial dummy static rotation Elsweyr

Gear: 5 relequen 5 advancing yokeda 2 daggers (Nirnhoned and Sharpened) 3 Jewelery (2 Infused 1 bloodthirsty) Mundus: Shadow CP: piercing 60 mighty 64

Magicka Nightblade - "Ragnell" - Murkmire

Magicka Nightblade - "Ragnell" Link to example build: Gear (5 light, 1 medium, 1 heavy): 2x Zaan/Skori

Eso - Mag dk dps test 56k selfbuffed wrathstone

eso wrathstone dragon knight dps test I'm still dark elf. You would hit harder with high elf. Gear: 5Ă— siroria 5Ă— mother's sorrow 2Ă— zaan 1Ă— vma inferno

vMA : Magsorc 610,8k+ World record - Boss mashup (Murkmire)

MagSorc 610,854 score - Timer 25min48 Gear : x1 asylum fire staff x2 slimecraw x3 willpower x5 acuity x1 maelstrom Lightning staff CP blue : 51 Elfborn 64

Magicka Templar Build (54k dps - 3 Mil) Murkmire

Dps Parses:- 00:50 Gear:- 02:17 Skills:- 03:28 Champion points:- 7:13 Rotation:- 7:59 For responses to questions and discussion with build ideas etc you can al

Magicka Nightblade Build PvE "Azure" -Summerset Chapter ESO

Magicka Nightblade Build PvE "Azure" -Summerset Chapter ESO Written Guide: â—Ź All Sets: https://eso-sets

Magicka Templar Summerset Rotation - EASY 45K GUIDE INSIDE

With the upcoming Summerset patch, any Magicka spec can easily achieve 45k DPS by using 1 spammable and 2 DoTs! For the Magicka Templar, simply lay down your t

How does the new Molten Whip affect magDK rotation/spammable?

In Elsweyr, the ability Molten Whip was changed from adding a flat bonus to your Ardent Flame abilities to providing a stacking Seething Fury proc. This grants

Is MagDK still a dead class?

ESO - Magicka Templar Rotation (63k+ on 6mil) - See Description - Murkmire

Edit 22nd October - Here is my showcase of a Magicka Templar rotation, up to date for for the Murkmire patch (recorded in PTS 4.2.2). Which buffs/debuffs am I

Mantle of Siroria (No Stacking) vs Burning Spellweave

Update: So as the patch progressed I can talk a lot more about this set. Siroria is definitely by far the strongest set if you can maintain stacks and still foc

ESO - Magicka Dragonknight Rotation (60k+ on 6mil) - See Description - Murkmire

Edit 22nd October - This is a showcase of my Magicka Dragonknight Rotation, fully updated for the Murkmire DLC. (Recorded during PTS 4.2.1). Which buffs/debuff


Hope you like the build but dont zerg me down ;) SHAREfactory™!/fr-ca/tid=CUSA00572_00

eso - mag sorc dps test 55k selfbuffed murkmire

eso murkmire sorc dps test Gear: 5Ă— siroria 5Ă— spell strategist 2Ă— zaan 1Ă— vma inferno staff Cp: Thaumaturge: 48 Master at arms: 66 staff expert: 23 el
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