SketchUp Skill Builder: Let's Get Aligned

SketchUp Skill Builder: Let's Get Aligned

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When it comes to getting the perfect view in SketchUp, it is hard to beat the alignment tools in SketchUp's context menu. For those of you who have not yet used these tools, I present you this week's Skill Builder. Modeling a Dodecahedron: And for an Icosahedron (which is ACTUALLY what is in this video:

SketchUp Skill Builder: Installing Extensions

Thanks to the Extension Warehouse and the Extension Manager window, installing and maintaining extensions in SketchUp has never been easier!

Getting Started with SketchUp - Part 1

Learn the fundamentals of SketchUp by following along with this video series. Each video is a mini-project that will introduce new tools and essential technique

SketchUp Skill Builder: Cardinal Points

Have you heard of Cardinal Points before? No? Well, they are in SketchUp, and they do some pretty cool stuff! Check it out and try modifying some Cardinal Point

SketchUp Skill Builder: Multiple Profiles, One Follow Me

There are plenty of activities where repetitive actions are unavoidable... commuting, playing tennis, chewing... Sometimes you have to do the same thing, over a

How to Build Stairs in 3D Software - SketchUp

Need to know how to build stairs in your 3D SketchUp models? This video teaches how to build stairs in the 3D software Sketchup. You’ll learn the basic skills

SketchUp Skill Builder: All about Guide Lines

Sacagawea, Marco Polo, Tenzing Norgay... What do these folks have in common? Not only were they all potential names for Aaron's first child, they were GUIDES! C

SketchUp Training Series: Copies and Arrays

You can easily copy objects in SketchUp. Once you've made one copy, you can choose to make that an array for many copies.

Cutting a Window in Rapunzel's Tower

Trying to draw a window in a tower or a fairy tale castle? Follow along as Aaron highlights the Solid Tool functionality to cut a window in Rapunzel’s tower.

SketchUp Skill Builder: Reference Images for Architecture

DWGs and DXFs are great, but what do you do when you need to import an image to use as a reference for a drawing? This video covers the ins and out of using ima

Dashed Lines in SketchUp Pro 2019 Aaron highlights a new feature for layers in the 2019 version of SketchUp Pro. In this episode, he will cover how to set your lin

Prepping SketchUp Files for LayOut

We have had a lot of requests for a LayOut based Skill Builder, so let's start by preparing a SketchUp file for import into LayOut! Follow along as Aaron shows

SketchUp Training Series: Layers

Layers in SketchUp are unique and function differently than in other software. We'll show you how to use layers in combination with groups to organize your mode

SketchUp and CAD - Creating Walls

This is video 2 in working with SketchUp and CAD and progresses from our previous video in using the CAD plan as a reference to create interior and exterior wal

SketchUp Training Series: Inference Locking Example

Inference locking will make your work in SketchUp fast and efficient, but some practice helps. This is an example built from the beginning to show various ways

SketchUp LayOut workflow hack using custom templates

Follow along as Aaron shows clarity in the construction process with a LayOut workflow time saver. Relink models within your custom templates to reduce rework a

SketchUp Skill Builder: Icosahedron

You asked for it, so you got it! Well... Maybe not YOU, exactly... But someone... Someone asked for it... We are doubling down on the Dodecahedron video with an

SketchUp Skill Builder: Rough Openings

Part 4 in our Architectural hit list! This time we will cover a few tips for putting rough openings into the exterior walls!

SketchUp Skill Builder: Window Reflections

Have you ever created an incredible SketchUp model of a building and been less than impressed with your glass texture? Here is a quick Skill Builder that will

SketchUp Skill Builder: Mastering Shortcut Keys

"He who masters the shortcut keys too so will master SketchUp" - An ancient proverb that I just made up The quicker you are on the shortcut keys, the better
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